Loving pregnancy

My wife and I have been married 4 years, We are on our first pregnancy, My wife is 27 and has always been super sexy to me, She is short, Slim and beautiful.
My wife has never been an overly sexual person, We normally have s** once a week or so and usually for my benefit not hers but since her second trimester started her hormones have been running wild and she is hornier than I have ever seen her since we met, She actually gets a bit embarrassed sometimes, She wants it all the time.
I wake up at night to her groping me and even woke up to head a couple times before my alarm went off, I walk in the door from work and she is all over me, We have s** 2-3 times a week and have had more morning s** in the last couple months than ever before, she admitted the other day that she rubs one out in the shower quite often, Her body is a whole other story, She looks great, Her b**** have exploded, She had smallish b**** but they were very nice before, She is easily a D or possibly DD now and I love the way she looks pregnant.
She says she wakes up in the middle of the night to pee and her first thought is s**, She says she could easily have s** every day and I tell her I am happy to but she just laughs and blushes.
I know it will eventually come to an end but for now I am loving it.

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  • Good for you man, My wife was the same way, Super h**** in the second and third trimester of the first pregnancy, sadly only in the second trimester of the second and wouldn't let me get close to her in the third pregnancy.
    Married 15 years and we still have s** about twice a week and I think she is still super hot, sadly the b**** don't stay.

  • Lucky you. It'll pass soon enough and you will be like the rest of us lonely old men trapped in a frigid mariage.

  • When she says she could have s** every day, give her what she wants. It's the least you can do as a loving husband.

  • You know the mailman, UPS guy, pizza boys, Jehovah's witnesses, meter readers, and every male neighbor is hitting that while you at work. You better wear that pregnantpussy out boy or she gonna get it whereverelse she can.

  • Idiot child!

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