Im guy

19 yo an dont know what period is? hear girl talk bout it cant ask them tho. any ladys tell me plez?

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  • You can't Google?

  • When blood f****** leaks out of the v*****. This is due to the uterus wall being torn down because an egg hasn't been fertilized and implanted on it. It's part of the menstrual cycle. It's called menstruation. Google for more information.

  • F****** in as s h ol e

  • That's the correct f****** answer. If you can't handle that, you don't deserve to reproduce. Or breathe, for that matter.

  • Menstration...Google it

  • Yeah I already said google it. Just spelled it wrong..jeez.

  • To those who are always whining when their pisspoor spelling gets called out: This is one reason why spelling counts. You're not going to find what you're looking for if you can't even ask for it correctly! DO YOU GET THE FVCKING DRIFT NOW, YOU ILLITERATE PEASANTS?!

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