Sexual rejection

I've been with mt boyfriend for almost 5 years and our s** life has slowly deteriorated. This is normal over time I think. Im ok with this. We are happy.... Well he is. He's beating me down with rejection. Im quite a sexual person. I enjoy s**.
He doesn't get why I get upset when he rejects me. This morning for eg, he woke me up by rubbing my c*** and slowly putting 2 fingers in me then when I was wet and awake he rolled me into my stomach and had gentle s** with me for 5 mins (unlike us to be slow) then he just pulled out and started talking about his Xbox game and left to go play it. Like it was nothing.
Does he not like me anymore? This wounds me. He either full blown rejects me or does stupid stuff like this.
When he want's s** on the rare occasion Im not allowed to say no. He just does it anyway.
Rant over.

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  • Dump his ass!! You deserve better!!

  • I agree....he's a douche. What kind of guy gets his d*ck all up in some wet pusss and then just pulls out without finishing and goes to play xbox? He's a loser. Find someone better.

  • A selfish and inconsiderate guy! And was your referring to the guy not finishing himself off or his Mrs? Because, some women don't o***** through vaginal penetration alone. Some women need clitoral stimulation, foreplay and so forth.
    Not just vaginal penetration

  • F*** one of his stupid mates with a big d***.

  • It's okay to rant. You deserve better and you don't need to justify it. Your boyfriend is a douche. He can stay with his Xbox, you need to break up and and move on.

  • He's got a girl on the side.

  • Hie how about we chat someday. why dont you message me on

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