I am a Theistic Satanist

I worship only ONE God--SATAN! I committed myself to Him when I was 11 years old and have never regretted it! I reject all other so-called "gods," especially the christian jehovah and jesus. Only Satan is truly God!

Dec 4, 2016

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  • Man I am a pagan... Satanist are p***** of christens there is no satan outside the christian religion

  • My advice: start practicing black magic. Darken your soul to make it more beautiful.

  • Isaiah 45:7 King James Version (KJV)
    7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

  • Yeah. Satan created the world, for sure.

  • I agree with you. Although sometimes I worship Lilith too; I love her.

    Satan is the God of the gods. Whenever my husband is away and the kids are in bed, I undress, light a candle and say a prayer. I write them myself. Here's one:

    Satan be with me, Satan be in me,
    Satan please fill my heart;
    Satan, I give you my soul without reservation.
    Bring me again to temptation and wickedness,
    Desire and pleasure and joy.
    Help me to sin and to sin again,
    Always serve you.
    I beg the boon of external damnation.

    Satan is the god of pleasure and joy, of accepting ourselves and making the most of our lives here on Earth, as well as the joy of damnation. I love Satan. I'm not sure I believe in magic, but if he were to offer I would gratefully have his children, whatever my husband thinks.

  • Love that prayer.

  • I absolutely agree with you! Satan is my one and only God and I would never want another!

  • I also follow Lilith. I like your prayer, it's kind of hot.

  • One can't just be this retarded.

  • Satan IS a god. The god of h***. The one true God is spelled with a capital "H", Lucifer Satan, fallen angel, angel of light( morman angel of light, maroni) is spelled with a little " g " check it out for yourself in the king James

  • Capital "G"

  • Have fun in h*** dumbass

  • You think we won't? Lots of s** and pleasure in H***; that's one of his things.

  • You have just traded one brand of nonsense for another.

  • I see you've pointedly left out critical details that you have provided in previous posts. You know which ones I mean. Those are the details which people ought to know. Such as how you're washed up, middle aged, but so proud that you hide in your bedroom and practice your hokey in the comfort of your own anonymity from within your hiding hole.

  • I'm the "Christian" F u c cktard woman who posted below..not to offended by a d**** dude...I am not a Satanist but I do like a good whoop and slap and rough s** etc etc ...and I believe in God. I also think I need a good rough hand by a guy who loves me from time to time because I like everyone has the devil inside and therefore, act like a b I t CH on occasion. Lol!

  • I get a*** from him mmm

  • Wow, you rebel you!

  • I'd that was really true..then you would participate in ruining people by any means necessary for your entertainment. You would think it's OK to lie, steal, plunder, disgrace, kill, torture, prostitution, drugs, mindfucking, abuse, disease, destroying human humility and anything good in the name of the One Satan-your God. Is that what your saying?

  • Christian fucktard. Lying is okay, stealing is illegal, murder in most circumstances is illegal, prostitution is okay and humility is f****** retarded just like you.

  • Not a Christian F u cktard...just have morals. It has nothing to do with religion d u m b a SS ...just empathy

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