Met my second wife at work. I was just divorcing my wife. We hooked up and then got married. I made mid six figures. Every dime I spent in alimony or on my son I got grief. She would spend that amount on herself.
I. Finished paying off my wife but things never changed. First class only . Trips for her and her family. Expensive cars.
My business went bad but I still had a job. Unfortunately she did not adjust and went through all our savings.
When bills piled up.she would scream and belittle me. Wouldn't make a budget. Told me I was a failure and not having money at my age was embarrassing for me. Her young nephews were doing better. This is after I lost 200000 on a biz for her and put her in school. . Now I am made to feel like a bum even though I make decent money. God forbid I lose my job. I will be out.

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  • Cut your losses. And run

  • This woman is causing you unnecessary grief. You are going to get all the stress in the world,have a mental breakdown or heart attack and die. She sounds to care about herself and not you. She is ruining you.You probably should have kept your first wife-who by the way may me laughing at your misery right now. On the other hand,are you a white guy? Some white guys love it when women treat them like trash and totally humiliate them. Maybe thats what you wanted in life and are enjoying it. Whatever you do,don't die because of some woman who will move on to another man the day after your funeral. Love yourself more in 2017,its gonna be a HAPPY NEW YEAR for you.

  • Put her over your knee. It's amazing the effect. One of two things happens. Either she will submit to your strength and authority or she will leave. Either way you win.

    My wife just got so up herself and the more up her self she got the more distain she had for me. Our house & car was not good enough. She was busy doing s*** with her friends. I was just the inadequate money maker. There were no smiles, no hugs, ho happyness. There were short words and unhappyness. Long lonely nights.

    I tried counsellors, talking to friends, writing letters to her, calm talk and so on. Then one day I took here away for the weekend to a rural retreat I had rented. As I took her in the door, I grabbed her and forced her over my knee and spanked her. Then I tied her face down on the bed. That was a tough fight. She faught like a rabid dog. Then I whipped her but. Then I left her there and finally I untied her. She went ballistic. She went out but I had hidden the car keys. She tried to walk out. I though s*** I am f*****. About 3 hrs later she walked back in and apologised.

    Now things are not perfect but its a h*** of a lot better. She at least tries to be affectionate.

  • If I did this she would call the police. When the rabbit got out if it's cage and she tripped on it she called the police on me for letting the rabbit out. She later apologized when the police shook their heads and left.
    I once raised my voice and she ran out the door and screamed like I was killing her.
    I would never raise a hand. She curses me out whenever I try to discuss things

  • Get rid of this b****. She's going to kill you. Or drive you to kill yourself. End it.

  • You are Right. I have to. I have felt the last line you write was correct. I did not see a way out other than that. The whole situation made me depressed. I feel like I let her destroy my life.

  • Maybe loose the job and declare bankruptcy

  • Dude, grow some b**** and control your woman. Manage YOUR MONEY well, it's your freaking money don't let nobody give you s*** for what you make. Tell her to make her own freaking money for f*** sack. She may be you're wife but marriage aint no charity. Stand up for yourself man

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