My heart breaks

To hear about you with someone else. Literal pain, I can hardly breathe....

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  • I don't care with whom you are or where you are the best part is whatever it be I trust you are mine n forever will be

  • Cliche, but if you truly love someone you have to want them to be happy even if it means they're not with you. It's not an easy thing to do, but it will help you make peace with the situation.

  • It is not normal for a person, male or female to go without s** for long. We need to be understanding about peoples needs. Many times it is just s** and has nothing to do with love. I would not expect my wife to go without s** if I was away for over a month.

  • It's ignorant to think, that anyone who doesn't particularly like s** or have sexual urges/desires, are abnormal!! You're the one, whose truly stupid and abnormal, to state this ignorant opinion!!

  • The OP didn't mention anything, about "S**!"

  • Your heart was designed to be empty for eternity.

  • Why do you say that?

  • Why did they, state that

  • Your past has proved this prediction.

  • Why can't I be loved without manipulation? Wtf

  • It's alright baby, just have a drink to calm yourself

  • I'm made for you alone.

  • You can't belong to anyone else other than mine..I say

  • I'm only with you..always!

  • You also be with someone else then the pain will nullify:)

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