I am so sick of this daily routine. No matter what I do in life it never feels exciting or new. Life is so stale sometimes. Everyone I know says thats just the way life is everyones life is boring and routinized. And i look around and that seems true but god why does it have to be that way? Why is that normal? I watch all these exciting movies when they come out and wish that my life could be like one of them as stupid as that sounds. Sometimes I want to get in the car and just drive and start over somewhere else but Im terrified it would be just as dull as this place is. Im looking for someone or something to just magically appear and change my life but it wont happen. Every person ive been with becomes dull in time. No surprises.. I just cant imagine doing this for another 30 years i really dont know what to do anymore. Sometimes i feel so depressed i dont even want to leave the house and i make excuses not to. Does anybody else feel like ur life and everything around u lacks excitement and passion and adventure and craziness??

Dec 9, 2016

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  • Movies and other entertainment set up unrealistic standards in people's minds, thinking they deserve or should be a certain way in order to be happy.

    Advertising is even worse. With entertainment, a lot of the time it's just people taking a fun bit of escapism and wishing they could be that way, like you said. Advertising preys on that impulse, makes you feel inadequate. It's much easier to sell things to people who feel insecure. Remember that next time you come across a brand wh0re ;)

    These industries are all about selling sizzle, not steak. But the easily-manipulated herd that is the public lets itself believe that the sizzle is all that matters.

  • Time for a change

  • Yes a million times yes .. I know what you mean though .. i've been married 17 years and don't get me wrong having a family is a blessing & all but the routine of it gets insanely repetitive .. its work, home, her, kids, .. work, home, her, kids .. its insane!! We live paycheck to paycheck, money is always tight so we can't afford to do anything .. h*** i tried to consider divorce but I couldn't because I can't afford to it .. I have friends without families that are single & living adventurous, free spirit lives and i feel like my life is in black & white .. it feels like everyday is the same day ..
    so i have ways to cope with it & let me just say the way I cope with it is by taken a break from the norm and doing whatever makes me happy that includes the good, the bad & the ugly i mean I enjoy me time to the fullest extent, when I get the chance ..let me say that if my family knew about the things i do i'd be living under a bridge ...

  • Get a grip!

  • Thats exactly how i feel--you're right--life is black and white...nothing colorful or fun to break it up. I'm glad I'm not the only one because my family has me thinking that I'm like demented for feeling this way. I can't help it though I guess I've always felt this way I mean I remember being restless like this my whole life pretty much but the whole marriage and kids things has made it a million times worse!!

  • Life isn't black and white. A person's perspective may be, but not life. Life has many shades, besides two.

  • I agree

  • Yes.

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