Caught naked for a long time

I always had an obsession of being outdoors naked. I'm a 22 year old girl of Japanese/Portuguese descent now, so let your mind wander at what I look like. I was 15 when I got caught.
We lived on 12 acres, out in the woods. I used to sneak out at night and walk. I loved the smells of the forest, and I was never scared. I began to touch myself sometimes, all alone out in the night. It was wonderful! I used to wear shorts and a tee, and nothing else, get away from the house, and take them off. The feeling of total nudity was incredible. It always ended with a session or two, and I would reluctantly walk back home, sneak back in bed, and think about what I had done.
One morning, I woke up and my parents were away. I decided to go for it in the daylight. I put on a thin, short, tiny sundress, and practically ran into the familiar woods.
There I am, the middle of nowhere, so I drop it off my body and just stretch. The sun hitting my body was better than I ever imagined it. I walked around, danced around, jumped, and made a total fool of myself, enjoying the daylight on my body. I got to what we call "the rocks". A natural stone formation on our land. I always masturbated there at night, so I went at it. Spreading myself wide, I began to run my hands all over my body, enjoying the feeling of total vulnerability. I got so into rubbing myself, I didn't hear two hikers approach. A man and a woman. They stopped about ten feet from me, and when I realized someone was there, I had already climaxed. The wife seemed ok, but the husband was totally in shock. He was staring, she was smiling, and I was mortified. ( I was also really turned on). She said something like "sorry to disturb your private time". I said,"this is private property, you are trespassing", but it came out really weak (my throat was dry and my heart was hammering in my chest).
She asked me a few questions about the trail (which was several hundred feet away, off of our land, in the valley below). I sat, stunned, embarrassed, and turned on. I must have talked to her for five minutes, but my head was swimming at being caught. After they left, I didn't even realize that in my shock, I never closed my legs. I must have sat there for over five minutes, legs spread apart, completely naked. I still get a complete rush when I think about it.


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  • You definitely are not alone my neighbour let's get husband to go work at 7 am every morning. His wife then opens the curtains of their full length window in the bedroom totally naked. She then spends 5 mins making the bed nude. She has done this almost daily for the last 8 years. She is good looking and about 40 now. My husband says leave her alone if it makes her happy mind my own business.

  • Exhibitionism is a real turn-on for many women, you are not alone. I wonder if you would also be even more excited if the woman started giving you commands to follow, like touch yourself, roll over, show my your a**, spread wider for my husband. I bet that would have created an or**** without using your fingers!!

  • Did you ever do anything like that again? Did you let yourself get caught again? I bet you did....I bet you did let yourself get caught...a lot........

  • I wonder what you would have done if they had started to touch you, or asked you to do it again so they could watch

  • Very sexy, would you have had s** with her?

  • Post in the adult section pervert

  • Ok oh er

  • Too young. What if the person you ran into was a man?

  • That's so very hott.

  • We should meet up

  • Wow

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