So that's awkward.

My husband and I were hanging out by our firepit last night, My younger sister and her fiance said they were tired and going to bed, My husband decided to sneak behind a tree along the fence to pee and came back saying "Soooo...the window to the basement bedroom....Uh...the blinds are open", I said "What?, Whay are you looking?", He said "I wasn't....just....From over there you can see right in", I said "Oh yeah, I bet...And?". He just looked at me and raised his eyebrows, I squinted at him and said "Noooo?", He nodded and I said "As if". Ok...I am not into girls, I am definitely not into my sister but...She is my half sister and was a...Late addition to the family being my "Step dad" was apparently fixed at one point but somehow it didn't work and he and my mom...Well, You know how it goes so I am 40, She is 26 and not to be a perv but her fiance is quite a specimen so I was intruiged.
My husband said "I know you want to look, Better hurry or you'll miss your chance", I looked at him and said "Ewww, that's my sister", He shrugged and said "Well, I will only say that David is packin", I said "F off", there was a short silence and I said "Ok...One peek", he nodded and I said "Oh god, I can't believe I am gonna do this". Yeah so...We sneak over by the trees and are about three feet from the window, Oh my goodness...Yup David is packin...Not like Ron Jeremy but way above average. My sister is that girl everyone hates, Never been to the gym, Wears little to no makeup and at 26 seeing her naked she puts most women of any age group to shame. Not super extra special in any one area just...Perfectly proportioned if you ask me.
I won't lie, Our bedroom life has become...Scheduled and...Mundayne but it works...Sometimes but this whole situation mixed with about 3/4 of a bottle of wine to myself got some juices flowing and my husband standing behind me wasn't not working, I don't even know when it happened but I suddenly noticed he had his hands on my hips, They moved up to my ribs then slipped up under my top. I was wearing a t-shirt and a large, thick sweater because I didn't want to wear a bra but wanted to hide what little b**** I have so he had direct access and pinched my nips, LOL I took this deep...Like...Chattery breath and he giggled whispering "Haha, What was that?", I gently tapped his hands and whispered "I don't know".
I said "Let's go inside" which was a direct hint that I wanted to get some and he said "Just wait", I was not opposed to the idea and I waited, His hands slid down my sides and got to my hips, Grabbed my shorts and then they were at my thighs, He slid one hand between my thighs, and one back up my top, He stood sort of beside me and straight up slid his thumb in me. I couldn't spread my feet apart because of my stupid shorts but it didn't matter, grabbing one nip and sticking his thumb in me was all it took and I forgot about going anywhere or the fact that he could totally see my little sister, I had been focused on David and didn't even think about that.
All this time my sister had been sitting on the edge of the bed in her shorts only with her reasonably large, Non baby feeding b**** out and sucking David off. At this point David stepped back and he was HARD, Like that thing was pointing straight up at the ceiling and my sister stood up, ShUffled her shorts off and I was like "Oh s***...We need to go", My husband...Well...He kinda had me...One arm under me holding my nip and the other hand in between my thighs gripping me and a thumb in my vag so I couldn't have moved if I tried but I felt his grip tighten slightly and knew I wasn't going anywhere. Thank god our yard is well treed because if any of the neighbours had seen us...Oh god, I would have to move. By this time my siter had shuffled off her shorts and laid back, She is shaved bald which my husband has spent many years trying to convince me to do with no luck so far, My husband over the years has become a bit of an expert at finding and manipulating my...Special...Elusive...Uh...Spot, You know...The one inside...Yes ladies it is real and it is SOMETHING special, I also, According to my husband have a tiny c*** which I myself have had trouble finding but he managed to find both at the same time and I leaned forward putting my hands up against the tree.
I never in a million years would have thought I would be leaning on a tree, In my back yard, Getting thumbed let alone doing all this at 40 while watching my youngest sister with her fiance in my spare room. Oh goodness, typing all this and thinking it all over again it sounds terrible but at the time it all seemed to be happening so fast that I didn't have time to stop and think over my actions and then David takes my sisters legs and lifted them both up and I reached back, My husband had his shorts down already and he was probably as hard as I have ever felt him, My sister has pretty long legs and with her legs straight up in the air it was all on display.
My husband stepped behind me and was in me before I knew what was happening, David was licking my sister and my husband whispered "Oh god Catherine" which he only calls me by my full name when he is h**** but he said "Oh god Catherine...You are sooo wet" and I was, I could feel it, As gross as it sounds I was dripping wet, My thighs were wet and I could feel it, My sister is apparently quite flexible bcaise she spread her legs into almost the splits and slid up the bed, David got on top of her and as he slid his...Considerable manhood into her she wrapped her legs around him, Put her arms behind her head and David just slowly f***** her, Her b**** were going up and down, My husband was whispering things to me and after a few minutes David went deep a couple times, She put her legs down and he pulled out, got ontop of her and stuck it in her mouth, She had her legs up, Spread so my husband could see everything and David very obviously finished in her mouth. I didn't even realize how close I was getting but I finished...Yup, right in my back yard leaning up against a tree watching my sister and her fiance through a window and when I took a second to realize all my husband was doing I was like "Hey there stud...hold up...Oh nevermind...Keep doing that...It's working" and then I came, What a guy, C*** in me, Rubbing my c*** with one had and my back door with the other, He knows penetration back there will kill the mood but rubbing works...Sometimes.
My legs went wobbly and he held me up by my waist until I was finished and I had to sit, I said "Ok, Ok, Let me down, I need...To...Sit", I sat on a large decorative rock right beside where we had been standing and the rock was nice and cool and felt really good actually, I felt bad because my husband was standing there with his c*** as hard as the rock I was sitting on and he still had a show going on, My sister had rolled halfway over and had her butt sticking out looking back at david while he was palying around back there and then my husband took a deep breath, I looked in and my husbands dream situation was happening, He has always wanted to try licking back there but I just can't...I don't know, It just turns me off but David was ears deep in my sisters backside and I looked at my husband, He looked at me and I was like "Oh ok" I took my tops off and leaned back with my arms on the rock I was sitting on, Legs spread and he stood in front of me furiously jerking as he looked to the side watching, My sister got up on her knees and ellbows and her large b**** were hanging down swaying as David licked and fingered her.
Keep in mind we were litterally like...I don't know...Maybe 8 feet from them and you could see everything, Other than a window between us we were pretty damned close, My husband could literally see my sisters b******* getting licked and see her b****, If he was any closer he could have reached over and cupped her b***. It didn't take long before my sisters butt started shaking and I was watching also, Her b**** started jiggling and she stuck her butt out, they were being quiet as they were in our house but we definitely heard her gasp "Ooohhh fuuuuck yes" and she collapsed on the bed, My husband simultaneously started to come and I was like "Oh good" then I was like "F***, Stop, Seriously...WTF".
I am like "f***** a******", There I sit on my rock, Come from my forehead to my vag, No bullshit, I had come dripping from my vag and running down the rock, I had come on my chest, Face, Stomach, I was like "WTF man", Never have I ever seen so much come, He handed me my sweater and I had to use my own sweater to wipe my face off, David and my sister were cuddling and I told my husband to look inside and make sure the kids were in bed, He did and I looked around for my shorts which I never did find so I had to sneak back in the house with my cummy sweater covering my chest and my vag and my butt exposed witth my butt jiggling as I hurried down the hall to our room, I jumped in the shower and my one eye was burning from you know what...If I get pink eye I'm gonna kill him. I got out of the shower and he was in bed, He snuggled up behind me and cuddled me which was nice but he whispered "Well, that was fun", I rolled over and said "No, We are not doing this", He said "Doing what?", I said "Talking about my sister getting f*****, We are never going to mention this, We are never going to...Role play it again, We are never going to think about it...You have the memory of it in your mind, If you want to think about her I don't care but if you ever say anthing about it I will not be impressed and lord help you if you ever suggest anything more than that", He leaned back and said "Ok, ok...I get it".
Next morning we had coffee and they left, After they were gone and it was just me and him I said "Don't stare", He said "What?", I said "She has never worn a bra in the mornings and I have never seen you stare for two consecutive hours at her b**** and bum before, Get it together".

Oct 1, 2020

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  • Um, Catherine dear? Your s** life is ho hum but you won’t shave? (Pause). Your husband has made a minor request of you that could improve it. Do your duty or another 40 yr old bald woman will.

  • How funny....You are such a good sport. However you should let the man lick your b********. Just clean it good in the shower & let the man have it. If it turns you off, just lay there & let him enjoy it. I won’t be with a woman if I can’t have that. It must be clean.....But they seem to enjoy it as much as myself. They sure seem to enjoy having me put my Willis in there.

  • I have two brothers. The older got married really young and so they lived at our parent's house with us in one of the rooms. Years later, after they were homeowners themselves, my drunk SIL told me about how weird my younger brother was as he used to spy on them all the time when they lived with us. He'd try to be hidden but after a while he was fairly easy to spot if you were looking. Her husband hated it when he noticed but she thought it was funny and a turn on and made him put up with it. She admitted she got a thrill to give him an eye full whenever the mood struck.

  • My husband and I watched my older sister with two guys before we were married, It was quite the scene and did eventually lead to us trying it, I can honestly say that it is more fun to watch than participate in.

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