I want to cheat

I want to cheat on my boyfriend SOO bad because I think he is cheating on me! He lives in vegas and me in Maryland we have had a long distance relationship since he went away for college and c'mon! He lives in VEGAS of course he's cheating! Or am i just so insecure about our relationship that I just let my thoughts get to me?!?!

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  • Split up or your insecurities,may end your relationship,anyways!! If you love each other and are committed to one another,regardless of distance,you'd be faithful :) I think you're letting your insecurities',cloud your judgements.Don't look for problems,where there maybe,none.

    Have a break from each other and focus on self love and improving your; self esteem,confidence and empowering yourself.

  • Maybe you guys should take a break and stay freinds until he comes back. But, cheating is bad karma.

  • Long distance relationships are sooo hard to keep working. I used IRC with my GF (now wife) to keep us sexually connected. Its a facet of the relationship that needs to be addressed. Either make trips to meet each other, or just face that the relationship might die. Either of you might learn to care for another person so its a two way street. Vegas can be pretty lonely.

  • ^ "degrade your thoughts of yourself" ?
    That never even crossed my mind while I was tapping your wife.

  • Cheating as a payback never works as well as you envision. All it does is degrade your thoughts of yourself. Give the guy a little credit unless you have some actual evidence that he's cheating.

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