Dear Santa

This year I want you to being me my future wife. Someone who will steal my heart and I hers. I'm tired of being lonely. I am a good person and do want to go through life alone. Please make her kid, generous and loving. I'm not asking for money or material things. I just want someone to fill the emptiness. I want someone to love. I know she's out there somewhere but I need help finding her. Please bring her to me.

Dec 18, 2016

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  • Dear Dude,

    You've been asking this for several years now. I brought you your perfect match five years back, but you literally didn't even see her. Was it because she was a mere B cup? Because she was a brunette and not a redhead? Because she wasn't driving a brand-new car? Because she wasn't quite magazine-cover gorgeous?

    We'll try this again when you've grown up a little, Romeo.

    All My Love,

  • I want a hot s****** that I can have a long-term affair with.

  • Hope the answer was under your tree

  • Aww I love this

  • I'll pray you find her soon

  • You gotta do your part too. She won't show up on your doorstep. Keep dating, and putting yourself in situations where you'll meet the kind of woman you'll like. Don't get discouraged, and don't take this the wrong way, but don't believe in magic. People have wasted their entire lives waiting for something magical to happen. You've got to be proactive

  • Good luck mate. I understand your loneliness. How can a man be successful at uni and have a good job and have friends but no one to hold and love and care for and share with. Why?

  • All I want for Christmas is a nasty crackwhore that I can f*** like a ragdoll.

  • Wow... Yikes. Lol

  • This is so cute- I hope you get what you wish for soon 😊 xo

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