Stomach squeezed in extremely tight

When I was a boy, my older teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach a good inch to two inches deep. We never talked about it, we just did it all the time, so I have no idea how or why this practice got started.

My cousin often held me this way openly in front of our family, and it was secretly affecting me in ways nobody (including probably her) ever recognized. I sometimes worried someone might get horrified if they noticed the peculiar way she was holding my stomach in. But nobody ever thought anything of it, in fact they usually paid no attention even when she was holding my stomach in two inches deep right out in front of everyone.

This led to me asking my babysitter, a big brawny farmgirl, to hold me on her lap with her hands sunk back into my stomach "just as tight as you can." I think she found this a simple way to keep me entertained, and also to keep me conveniently immobilized and out of mischief. So whenever she came over to babysit she would hold my stomach all the way back in, excruciatingly white-hot ULTRA-tight, while we watched TV. I would sit there silent and still, locked on her lap and unable to go anywhere even if I tried.

I cannot possibly exaggerate just how freaking tight this huge farmgirl always held my stomach in... just about as absolutely tight as was physically possible. I don't think it could have gotten any tighter. And I loved it! Though I know I would have died if anyone else had ever seen the strange way she held me.



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  • Wonder if you would have enjoyed her standing full Weight on your stomach?

  • I've heard of that one, in some ways it seems similar to my thing, only with feet squashing the stomach in instead of hands, and the female standing on you rather than holding you on her lap.

    I suppose it's a matter of what one was exposed to while young. It just so happened my cousin and my babysitter both squashed me by holding my stomach in unnaturally tight with their hands while I sat on their lap. Over the years online I've gleaned that this way of lapholding someone is a widespread practice, not common but not rare, and that it results in a fetish for only a very few of us who have experienced it.

    Feet-on-stomach trampling seems by comparison to be a much more common fetish, and similarly often based on early experiences.

    My babysitter certainly held her hands back into my stomach so excruciatingly TIGHT that it couldn't have been any tighter if she HAD been standing on my stomach with her full body weight! And she was a huge tall strong sturdy robust farmgirl.

  • Good to see your still replyng. (any other way to communicate with you?) I had a similar experience, but in my case, my heavier cousin just sat on my stomach and I remember it feeling really good. If she had sat on your stomach, or even stood on it full weight with one foot. Do you still think you would have loved it?

  • I do wonder about the blood flow to your legs, getting held that way.

  • Never any problem with my cousin, even when she was holding her hands back into my stomach two inches deep. Sometimes I worried what if the women in our family were whispering, "Oh look at that, do you suppose she's cutting off the circulation to his legs?" I was afraid they might tell my cousin not to hold my stomach in tight any more. But it seemed they rarely noticed the abnormal way she was holding me, and no one ever disapproved of it.

    As for my babysitter, she always held me with her hands kept wrenched back into my stomach so horrifically ultra-ultra-ULTRA tight that my entire midsection vanished in a maelstrom of blue-white icy-hot fire, so tight that I couldn't tell if it felt white-hot or icy-cold. I just loved it! It was TIGHT beyond words, and often after a while my stomach would just go numb.

    Then when my babysitter finally let me get off her lap after she'd been holding me that way through a TV show or two, my stomach would start tingling. Intense tingling like pins and needles, like the way your foot feels when it's waking up after it's fallen asleep. Or if she'd been holding my stomach in tight clear through several of her TV shows nonstop, the pins and needles in the pit of my stomach felt almost unbearable when I first was allowed to get off her lap.

    And of course after my babysitter tightheld me there was also the soreness of my stomach muscles the next day.

  • Erm that sounds...odd..your babysitter holding your stomach in so extremly tight to control you from not getting off of her lap. I guess it sure keep you from running around the place but that sounds so wierd

  • Yeah it was weird but quite effective. During my babysitter's TV shows I was unable to get off her lap. Getting onto her lap was voluntary, getting off her lap was not. If I tried to get off her lap she just ignored it and kept right on holding me with my stomach wrenched back in supertight, and I found I couldn't go anywhere. So I learned to sit still while she was holding my stomach in and watching TV, because I knew I wouldn't be able to get off her lap even if I tried.

    Or once in a while we played a variation where my babysitter would hold my stomach in tight and I struggled like mad to get away. I would twist and squirm and thrash on her lap, I would tug and pull and pry at her hands and arms, but it was no use! I couldn't get away and she wouldn't let me go, she just kept holding my stomach in white-hot tight. No matter how hard I struggled I remained a prisoner, locked on her lap in an unbreakable tighthold. And I loved it!

    But usually I would just sit there quiet and still, blissed out of my mind, as she held me with her hands cinched back incredibly hard into my stomach, way back inward underneath my rib cage. It was an astonishing experience to get tightheld on this girl's lap all the way through her evening schedule of TV shows. She had discovered a babysitter's magic wand: an easy foolproof way to keep me preoccupied, immobile, unable to cause trouble.

  • And your internal organs are still intact?! o_O

  • Yeah my internal organs are fine. I remember when my babysitter would come over and hold me so intensely incredibly ultra-tight on her lap, the next day in school my stomach muscles would feel all sore, as if I'd done hundreds of situps. But I knew it was because of how my babysitter had been tightholding me MUCH TOO TIGHT.

    But here I am years later, and I'm fine.

  • You are a freak!!!!!

  • Yes, I felt like a freak over this when I was a boy, secretly excited by having my stomach held in so tight, and yet terrified at how someone might react if they ever noticed the abnormal way I was being held. One time my aunt (my cousin's mother) did notice the way my cousin was holding my stomach in, and she blandly remarked, "Oh, so you like to be tightheld, eh?" I felt embarrassed and panicky, like the world was going to end, so I didn't reply, and then mercifully there were no followup questions...

    And I certainly felt like a freak on my babysitter's lap, with her huge massive hands held back in so ultra-ultra-tight that they were completely buried all the way back inside my stomach, sunk back in so deep that the back of her outermost hand was half an inch deeper than the normal "surface level" of my stomach... I'd asked for it, and now I wasn't going anywhere during her TV shows! So it worked for both of us, but talk about feeling like a freak...

    I still feel like a freak over it. And I still love getting my stomach held in tight to this day. Blame a couple of teenage girls in my early environment!

  • Have you found a woman in your life now who hold your stomach in tight like you like? If not, I'm a burly woman who just so happens to love squeezing stomachs in so tight that they might collapse.

  • Thank you so much, but my longtime S/O is happy to hold me with her large hands wrenched back into my stomach so unbearably tight that I'm almost in a trance. :-)

    It's interesting, there's a lot of stomach play online, and a variety of tight waist fetishes from corseting and tight belts on down. But apparently there are only a very few of us who are into what I call "tightholding": being held from behind with hands pulled back into one's stomach super-tight. And very little about it online AFAICT.

  • Talking about stomach play and tightholding is gettin me wet

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