The girls in my shop

i go to a vocational school, and a lot of the girls in my shop are just really mean, and .. annoying. they act like they're the most important thing around, as if they have the worst problems in the world. but, the things they complain about are so trivial, and.. i.. i know it's just my opinion, but they really need to grow up. they're driving me crazy.

i always hear them talking about nearly everyone else in the school, just.. they're just so nasty to people! i've been wanting to get this out for so long, but none of my friends really want to listen. they're so loud, and ... all the time they're walking around singing to themselves, and act so proud when they get called a s*** or a b****. ugh.. especially when it happens in a song, they act like it's their best quality.

i know i should just ignore them, becuase i really don't want to get involved with them.. i just had to get this out.

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  • From the original poster:

    to the first poster: yeah, i get what you're syaing.. i try not to make fun of people a lot though, and i don't really have anyone to talk about them with, that's why i posted here.

    to the second poster: no, i'm not jealous. i'd never want to be in their shoes, or be accepted by them. they're just annoying, and won't shutup.

  • Jealous of the popular girls?

  • those are the funnest people to make fun of ( not to their faces of course, but with your friends/aquantainces who also are annoyed by them) it relieves some of the anger you feel towards them and can get a few laughs.

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