Liking Younger Girls

I'm an 18, almost 19 year old boy and I like girls in their early teens. That would be girls that are 13, or 14. They're just so adorable/ sexually mature. But they're annoying and I know that it is wrong to flirt, or touch a girl that young. I can contain myself. I've been cat called by two attractive middle school girls when I was walking alone, but instead of getting her Snapchat I just gave them both a smile and kept walking.

Before you say anything I'm not a pedophile, I looked it up

Dec 5, 2019

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  • I was only 12 when I was helping a girl clean up the basement of the church we went to and we were all alone .
    she was older than me and she kept asking ,e questions like have you ever been with a girl before and things like that and it went on for a long time and she wanted to see my c*** so I showed her .
    she asked if I wanted to f*** because her and her brother did it all the time so I agreed but I had never been with a girl before and I was so excited that I came before my c*** was all the way inside of her.
    We did it several times after that then she saw another boy and I was forgotten.
    I always remember he though she was my first lover.

  • There is a new blonde girl at my school (I love blondes) and I found out yesterday that she's in the 6th grade, I felt like such a perv because I'm a senior in high school. Its really embarrassing. My school is middle school and high school

  • Same thing happened to me

  • Not at all feel you on that

  • Lots feel the same way but just won't admit it

  • Nothing wrong with liking young girls I love my p**** very young

  • Me too

  • Nice, how young?

  • 13 at the least, 12 in extreme cases.

  • 13 at the youngest. They definitely need to look visually pubescent

  • Absolutely right

  • 13 is nice, still nice and tight but better p**** than mums

  • I'm 13 and live with my aunt, mom's in college and can't take care of me. My aunt's boyfriend and I have s** now....
    It's cool!

  • You like getting f*****?

  • Uh-huh, it's kinda weird sometimes...
    I mean it's a guy shoving his p**** into me, it's definitely a weird feeling!?

  • Do you have a younger sis I could f*** too?

  • Daddy should have you loving c*** long before 13

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