F this Christmas

It's 3:00am and my sister has been keeping me up all night puking in a bowl, which she then rinses out in my sink, she opened all the windows with the heat cranked on. She's loud as f*** too. The worse part is, she lives 2 mikes from my house, I wish she would just GO HOME!!!!! Why do you Insist on ruining my fruit bowl, keeping me up all night, and spreading your sickness. At her house she'd have your head if you put your purse somewhere she deems inappropriate, and don't boss me around in my house b****! FML

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  • Lol mabye you guys just suck at life

  • Christmas sucks ass every year. Every f****** year.

  • Nah, not the eff with Christmas: the eff with your sister.

  • Sorry you had such a rough day. I hope it's better by now. And I hope your sister is still throwing up . . . at HER house. THAT B****!

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