Sir Anthony Flue and deism

Anthony Flue is a philosopher and he was once an atheist but after observing the complexity of a living cell he came to the conclusion that this could not have come about by chance and that there had to be a creator.

So did he join the church? No he did not. He feels that there is no afterlife and that the god he believes in left after our creation. No life after death.

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  • I'm not a believer in any gods myself, but I have to say, I've never understood the appeal of the above type of Deism. If God truly does not interfere or affect our lives in any way while we are alive, and there is no life after death, then what possible difference to us as humans could it make if such a god exists? Our lives and fates are exactly the same whether he exists or not.

    If that's the case, evolution without intelligent design might as well be the way it happened. Nothing changes for us either way, so why is such a god worth postulating at all?

  • You would be right sir or madam.

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