Proud to be bullied

I was bullied since my childhood , one year after another, i learned that bullying is a natural way to have fun for people who have gut , dignity and a good sense of what is funny, infact bullies only pick on certain people , they know who deserve respect and those who don't , also , people who get bullied are a failure so is better for the likes of us to be grateful if someone decided to consider us useful enough to have some fun , understand all this make me a loyal co-conspirator who love to get bullied and to help them to bully other people . It also helped me to discover one side of my nature : i love to be a coward that lead other victims for the humiliations planned by bullies , i love the feeling to stand there and enjoy the frustration that the betrayed person feel , meaningless to say , i am the greatest suck up ever , but in an honest way , since i don't have to ask bullies for nothing more than the honor to be useful for their entertainment , i am also supporting bullying all over the internet , i hope that this confession will be notice by people who feel my same way :D



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  • No i am not


  • Also i wish to become the foot worshiper of some female boss at some kind of office-work , and i like you to tell me if this already happen somewere

  • Of course , and proud of that , are you a girl ? :D

  • Nope. Even if I were, I have standards you could never meet.

  • I am the sick one i guess :( , i will change

  • Yeh well I guess someone has to take charge of a situation
    I am accused of being a bully but I have that many bigger bullies around me and they bully me if I show any human fault or emotional its look out
    some people can push you too far where you want to lash out but always stop and think before hand. the best bullies are the quiet ones who get others talking and get to know others weaknesses and mistakes

    gain others trust and get them to confide in you that gives you power or get gossip going down the line and learn to spin things.

  • You can find me on facebook as : Asdrubal Arcibald , you will recognize me for my black profile image

  • I have grown to hate those asians now

    after that asian b****** doctor spoke to me telling me i had to tough and strong bullshit. I will find out your dirty linen I found out everyones then we will see how tough you are.... yeh I think a lot of people need to get priorities straight. this is a sad sick world you rich people have created. its a sad world for a lot of people you harmed to get what you wanted. but will it make you better people or happier really.

  • Https://

  • F*** off tard. your f****** idiot. how about a bully rumble bash fight right now! I will go you in a kick and fight punch up! girl fight.

  • Oh yeh this new thing of feel sorry for the big fat lonely empty bully ! is so in at the moment. comfort them love them, listen and comfort the poor big fat bully til they are worn out with love. its so in!

  • ^Too f****** true, mate. AFAIC all bullies can die screaming in a fire. So can candyasses who try to label everything they don't like as bullying for that matter.

  • My nephew worked in a take away who they would say to peple 'well go up the road to the other shop then if they do it better, this is how we do it we can't change it, just shut up and go then"
    today a bully appears to be that if you have the problem and you are bring up the problem then you are the problem and you are the bully by bring up the problem. the bully is so well protected and maybe people should suck up to bullies and watch their behavior when they get what they want and also reverse it see how they get on when they don't get what they want. it teaches them "that's life!"

    do bullies never change, bullies never get better, they just get create broken being round them. a bully should allow others to win sometime! they need to be reminded about "if I have needs maybe others do too, If i have had kids and marriage and lovers for the last 30 years maybe its time I tried changing and giving and helping others more" bullies need to learn how it feels to help others with a kind heart. the best thing a bully can ever do is help someone they have bullied and give that person closure. I had a rapist who raped me and other women and a woman who attacked me and groups of peope verbally harming me and they were calling me the bully for wanting my rights met under the law. the best they could do is give me what I wnat seeing I gave them what they wanted and left .

  • I would love to see the persons who bullied me bullied back and I would love to confront them. rapists, voilent attackers, verbal and emotional abuses,

    bullies rarely show up for real confrontation, however! they never showup to themselves much either most of them have an extreme personality disorder and defiant personality disorder and they get worse, the best thing a bully could do is show up to their victims and and apologise and improve the victims life if most bullies seen the after effects of a victims health and poverty and have no love in their life and overweight which many victims eat to cover the pain or they have avoidance addiction things like loners, social anxiety and shop aholics or other addictions, some become very mental ill, if the bullies were forced to showup to themselves and to the victims and see the destruction and pain they left the bully would feel ashamed.

    bullies make other bullies over time, but then resistance and maturity and standing up calmly for your rights to be respected is not what the bully likes. bullies can't handle indifferent calm and nutural emotion, bullies feed of drama and showing up to a confrontation to only ward off competition at work for promotion or over a lover or a sale of a car or i always see bullies like the spoilt bidder who wants to win every auction of the house and boat and lover with all her drug dealer and illegel income she has coming into her because she does this with her bullying super skills that area enjoys and deep down they can't fake it out and can't cope with the military or medical or police self control and self discipline because all they do is go bully when they can't cope and if they do hang around they toxify the workforce and kill the company and kill off the customers.

  • So what are we supposed to say "love and spoil the poor little self depleated little bad violent bashing druggy rapo-hypopotm-ass! bully?"

  • All self-defense classes teach you to avoid the fight and self-control you sound like you would benefit from holistic help with meditation and anger management training. I was bullied as a child, at school, at home, at college and university, at work, at social clubs to the point I gave them up even at churches, I think that being a bully is an odd thing nothing justifies bullying someone who is weaker and I have been a doormat most of my life and bullies have not taught me anything just exacerbated the problem further so don't think being a proud bully helps others. people don't respect you, they don't love you, they feel nothing but detecting and fear of you and disrespect.

  • I knew a girl who was an actress and had some mental personality disorder controlling and manipulating personality and she would bully certain people alone or in a safe group for her when she knew she could get away with it and the crowd would pull in on her bullying on a woman. most times it was a woman over a guy and then she would play coward to her victim male she was after then play coward/crossover bully multiple times with her female competition all the time. it must have drained her out and she still lost each guy after a number of months. she became a druggy womanchild lost in the world sucking up sugarcakes and so far she has actually bullied me out of a relationship about 3 or 6 times and someone needs to discipline her. one day this bully is going to meet her match and be totalled!!!!!

    I don't thank the bullies who wanted to make me a poor reflection of them as it never came to being as I have my own personality. she still can't work that out after all the years of bullying one day someone will total this man raping drug pushing silly crazysex cow.

  • Every person deserves respects, leaders are often not bullies, if what you are saying is fact then bullying is a commonality and therefore it is only an afraid person who bullies, there is nothing funny about it. those relationships lead to toxic, you sound toxic.

    I repeat "all people deserve respect !" you have a distorted view of the world.

  • I was bullied through school and it's why I'm here today. It started only in high school. It gutted my self esteeme. I started to wet my bed. I became shy. Unwilling to participate in class because I did not want to draw attention to myself.

  • I've been bullied ever since my high school and it still continues, life taught me how to avoid it. Now, it doesn't work on me anymore.

  • So you were like me long ago , good :D

  • Victims of bullying are scarred for life simply because they are different or unable to defend themselves. Your post is bullshit.

  • No victims , of bullying are pretty easy to detect by themselves and by others

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