Okay when I say ‘I don’t care’ it might sound completely rude, but it’s true.
I think the reason Amanda was treated that way was because of HER actions. Everyone gets their own consequences for their own actions.
One, she FLASHED and exposed her body herself, she should have known, once something goes on the internet it stays there forever. Do something bad on the internet and it will come back to haunt you. It was her own choice to flash that guy she didn’t know, he never threatened her if she didn’t until AFTER she did, one year later.
Two, she hooked up with a guy… with a GIRLFRIEND. That was a huge mistake, like she said before. As if you wouldn’t have learnt your lesson by now? She complains how she got bashed for it; once again, everyone gets their own consequences for their own actions. And also, once again he didn’t force her to come over. It was her choice, and she did it. In her video she says ‘I thought he really liked me’, she should have realized if he ‘really liked her’ he WOULDN’T have a girlfriend, and would be dating her.
Three, she got HERSELF involved with drugs and alcohol. Again, her own decision, surely if she was pressured into it and forced to take drugs and get drunk, she would have mentioned it in her video, right? She was underage, her mistake again, not the guy who bullied her.
Four, if the bullying online was that bad, (again another mistake) she should have deleted her Facebook account! Of course they were going to follow her if she still had an account they could track her down on! Also, being on a chat site at the age of TWELVE? Something bad was bound to happen to her.
The only reason why this story is big is for four reasons. She was attractive. She was skinny. She was white (people would just say their racial comments then move on if she wasn’t white). And lastly, because she has posted a video on YouTube that went viral. If she didn’t post that video, people wouldn’t know how she really felt and had sympathy for her, causing them to share it with their friends. If she didn’t post the video, it would have just been just another person committing suicide and taking ‘the easy’ way out, or giving up.
What I’m trying to get at is, people commit suicide EVERY day because of bullying. Sometimes because of their appearance or something that they couldn’t change, but I bet you couldn’t name one person off the top of your head that this has happened to. Amanda Todd made this happen through her four mistakes, which could have been avoided. But people out there, commit suicide about things which AREN’T their fault, and no one gives a s*** about them as much as they do about Amanda Todd.
Make the mistake, face the consequence.

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  • She definitely didnt deserve to be bullied or die and I get the whole she was young and everyone f**** up thing but I really dont get as to why she didnt delete her facebook I mean it was like the most obvious solution to all her issues after she changed her schools.The fact that the solution was right there and so easy to execute make me more angry about the entire situation and makes this whole matter light.And yes I say that because there are kids who are dying over much serious causes like child abuse and racism.

  • You are a w****.

  • Just glad we have one less stupid w**** on our planet.

  • U are right. I can understand the first incident was a mistake but to actually go out there and f*** someone with a girlfriend she got what she deserved. If ur gonna do something be women enough to face the consequencesj

  • I can honestly see your point, but bullying is wrong, no matter why they're doing it.

  • Honestly what is wrong with you

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