He enjoyed it.

New years eve my husband and I went back to his home town, It's where we met and I lived there for 10 years as well so I have lots of friends there as well, We got a hotel room and had a bunch of people over.
After the big celebration in the lobby at midnight the party started to wind down, some of us went back to the room and continued drinking and by about 1:00 it was just me, my husband, another couple and one of his friends who I know quite well, She whispered to me that they had to leave because it was the first night in months that they didn't have any kids at home and she needed to "get some".
They left and we had a few more drinks, My husband was feeding me tequila and smoked oysters which is almost always a sure thing for him to "Get some", I was patiently waiting for his friend to leave and dropped a couple hints to my husband, He was teasing me and I was getting really frustrated, We haven't been alone with no kids in months either and I was looking forward to letting loose a little bit.
My husband was giving me looks and touching, Stroking and squeezing every part of me that he knows gets me going, I finally whispered to him that if he got his friend to leave I would swallow for him which is usually only a birthdays and anniversaries activity that he begs for all the time.
His friend got up to go to the bathroom and I spread my legs, grabbed my husbands hand and shoved it under my skirt, He quickly worked his way into my underwear and had a finger in me, I was so unbelievably h****, I don't think I have EVER been that h****, I was breathing heavy and groaning as I ground on his hand, I had completely forgotten where we were and what else was going on until I opened my eyes and F***.
My husbands friend was standing in front of us staring between my legs, I closed my legs and my husband pushed my knees apart, I looked at him and he kissed me, I had so many things going on in my head, I was shocked, Embarrassed, Panicked, and so h****, I was grinding and clenching my hips as my husband fingered me, I was shaking and wriggling around, Even now I remember that all I wanted was more, I grabbed my husbands wrist and worked his finger in and out of me faster, He slipped another one in me and I could feel myself starting to lose the little bit of control I still had on my actions.
My husbands friend who by the way has been divorced for two years so its not like he was cheating or anything, I just want to make that clear but he dropped his pants and sat beside me, From that point on it all gets a bit blurry but we ended up on the bed with my husband watching mostly, I sucked him and after he got off he sat back and watched while his friend and I had s** for apparently 2 hours, My husband says his friend finished inside which I don't remember but I do remember my husband and his friend finishing in my mouth at the end.
His friend left shortly after and my husband hasn't stopped talking about it since, Not really my thing and I don't think I would do it again but who knows, We will see.


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  • FYI: I get that your husband was into seeing you with his friend and all, and you may have liked it, but know that it could be a way for your husband to marginalize you by "s*** shaming" if he wants to. At minimum, make sure you're in control of the situation and not drunk.

  • That's a lovely h**** recollection for you;I have not done it with a friend as my Mrs prefers the stranger effect and away from where we live so it's mostly holidays or weekends away in a cottage where it will happen and mostly with me just sat there in the dark watching but not participating apart from encouraging them;always for her it has to be a young (under 21) and very fit hung guy;she says that as I'm (61 years old but fit body) and 7"+ cut c*** she won't entertain under 8" so this is what we search for usually contact mags or we visit amateur body building competitions,once or twice a year this happens and now she's 52 but still fit n firm where it counts she is even randier and more daring once she starts;I love seeing her puffy bald p**** pierced by an eager big c*** and find it amazing how much she can take;in Barcelona in 2014 she had two young Spanish body builders together and a magnum of champagne the bottle at one point was the sole focus for all three of them,the taller of the two had an amazing long slim and very curved c*** that she absolutely adored and said so the next morning,apparently it hit erogouness zones she never thought existed and she had the most amazing o****** that raked through her slender body,so my message to you is enjoy the attention and have as much good c*** as you can handle with hubbies approval and watchful eye on you,and if you get to have two wonderful c**** at same time then its double the joy and nothing better than making those c**** shoot massively for you as long as you too have amazing climaxes whilst enjoying c***

  • Not something we planned, It was something that got carried away and the more time that goes by I think if I could go back in time I would have put a stop to it.

  • If it wasn't something you enjoyed looking back then that takes the fun away for your partner as well. It is all about mutual enjoyment even it is just the fantasy of one person. I have fantasies of my wife having s** with other men but would only enjoy it if she did as well

  • I'm sure it was a fantasy of your husband's for a long time. I have a feeling he will want it to happen again if it was something he enjoyed.

  • We have discussed it and he obviously enjoyed it but says if I didn't then that's my choice whether to do it again or not, The s** part was great, the after part not so much, I don't like feeling used.

  • Do you think you wouldn't feel used if you did it regularly and it wasn't just a one time thing?

  • Um...No, I would think I would feel more used, Duh.

  • I take my gorgeous latin wife to a hotel just outside D.C. every month and watch her get f***** from about 9PM till 2 in the morning. Her parents watch our girls. Absolutely hot! Beyond hot. She loves that I get off on it. She says she does it for me and for me only.

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