My fiance got me drunk & talk me into having a 3sum with an man

It was NYE & My fiance & I started drinking,I was really really drunk & don't even remember how I got that intoxicated but I was,I don't remember even talking to him about that night about a 3sum with another man,that's how intoxicated I was,in just remember my fiance telling me he was going to blindfold me & I must have agreed cus there I was blindfolded,I can't even remember him taking off my clothes but yet I was lying on the bed blindfolded & naked,then I remember hearing them talk to each other but I couldn't hear what they were saying then I felt someone spread my legs apart & a toung going down on me really hard & fast & I knew it wasn't my fiance & I remember feeling uncomfortable & weird,I heard my man say it's ok baby then he held my arms down ,I knew he was watching while holding my arms down,then he let my arms go & he took his turn going down on me,I can't even say I remembered liking it but my fiance swears I was so really into it,they both took turns going down on me a few times then my man put his d*** in my mouth while the guy was eating me,I just don't remember being into it but yet it happened,then my man went back down on me & the guy must of been standing up over me cus his c*** was in my hand & I remember feeling it & then my man stopped eating me & started f****** me then the guy had his turn f****** me,it felt as if it went on forever & I was there play toy & nothing more,then I had enough,I couldn't take it anymore & the guy disappeared & I woke up the next morning feeling so used & munipulated,I expressed how mad & hurt I felt to my fiance,I couldn't stop crying,it's been almost 3 days & I still feel sad,hurt & used inside & at first my man acted like it wasn't nothing until h**** been seeing how this has affected me mentally & emotionally,he keeps apologizing saying it will never happen again & how much he loves me but now I feel a hate & disgust deep inside for him,I do love this man but I feel really hurt & used just cus he wanted this pleasure that he knows I would Never said yes if I was sober...just want this feeling to go away


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  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on bigtime! I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

  • You need to tell him that it's your turn to blindfold him. Be all nice and sweet like you're really excited and have a surprise for him. Then tie him to the bed facedown and blindfolded. Bring in a gay prostitute and let the guy f*** him in the ass. See how he likes being used by another guy.... ok, the prostitue idea may get you in trouble, but you could just leave his ass tied to the bed and then just walk away. Paybacks a b****

  • This is probably only the beginning for him. He enjoys watching you be used like a w****. Next time it could be another threesome or maybe he takes it farther and lets guys g******* you. This won't just be a onetime thing no matter what he says.

  • Get away from this guy fast! Any guy that thinks its ok to get you extremely drunk and then not only he takes advantage of you but has someone else join in is not a person you want to be with. He violated your trust and your body . How could you ever feel safe around him again? Some things you just can't forgive and this is one of them.

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