I need an answer

So the other day I caught my wife, Well I didn't catch her but looked at her search history on her ipad because she was having issues with it and asked me to see if I could fix it, I didn't and still haven't said anything but.
It would appear she watches girl on girl or solo girl videos once or twice a month, I didn't see any couples or male searches and it Must be when I am not home soooo.
Is this normal or is this something I need to be concerned about as in the current state of my marriage.
Guys...Move on, Don't need your replies, Want to get a womans perspective on this and don't need fake replies about how you and your wife watch it all the time, Thanks.

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  • I am 38, straight and married with kids, I watch pretty much only girl on girl because girls are just softer and generally more gentle which I enjoy watching more than some girl getting rammed and came on.

  • I used to 'accidently' leave my search history of things like that for my boyfriend to find. Sort of a game to seduce him. Perhaps its the same thing?

  • I'm having a girl girl affair with another mom that i met at our kids playgroup. It's hot hot hot but neither of us wish to break with our husbands. It's just a different aspect of our lives.

  • That is definitely not happening, That much I know for a fact.

  • I am a married male and in my 40s... personally, if that were the case with my wife, I would be esctatic... what are you worried about? That she would leave you for another woman??

    Talk to her... I would and perhaps incorporate the fantasy into your bedroom ( I assume she is wanting the feel of a woman in bed that is)...

  • Yeah right.

  • I just love to watch a Woman's body, that does not mean I would really want to have s** with a woman. Just tell her what you've seen and let her explain.

  • I don't think I'll bring it up, If its no big deal then why embarrass her.

  • Your wilted weenie is no match for the s*****.

  • Exactly why I asked for no male comments, What a loser.

  • It's no big deal. Love your wife.

  • Studies have shown that straight women get aroused by a huge variety of erotic material, girl on girl, solo, straight... I kid you not, even videos of other non-human primates doing it. Additionally some girls feel like typical straight p*** is degrading and prefer the gentleness/ romantic feel of girl on girl. If your worried something is up, just ask her.

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