My husband is and always has been "Handsy" when we sleep, I always wake up to his hand up, in, or under my shirt, A few weeks ago we traveled to Vegas with another couple, Great trip, Separate rooms until on the way home my husband hit a deer with our car.
He took the car to the garage and it had broken something we couldn't continue on with as it was, They told him it could be ready by the next afternoon so we got a room at the local 5 star resort (Sarcasm), All they had was a double room so no big deal, We had supper and a few drinks, went to bed and in the morning my husband had my pyjama top unbuttoned and was feeling me up, I truly enjoy that after 13 years of marriage and 3 kids he still wants to touch me and it honestly doesn't bother me, Some mornings I enjoy it, we were sleeping facing away from our friends and I thought we were the first ones awake so I let him cop a feel.
We were laying there and he slid his hand down to my stomach but my top was open and both b****** were showing, Just then the bathroom door opened and our friend stepped out of the bathroom which we were facing, We both panicked and instead of covering up I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, I could feel my husband stop moving and knew he was doing the same, My b****** aren't what they once were but I think they are decent for a woman who has breast fed three kids, I am not embarrassed of them but I don't go around flashing my friends either.
I could hear his foot steps stop for a second or two then he walked past and crawled into bed, I could hear him whispering to her but couldn't hear what he said, I pretended to adjust myself in bed and pulled the covers up and a few minutes later pretended to wake up, I got up and went to the bathroom, Fixed my top and came back.
Nothing was ever said or probably ever will be, Oops!!!

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  • LOL, oh well s*** happens!

  • I'm sure he enjoyed seeing your b****, Put a smile on his face and a lump in his pants!

  • Doubt it, My friend has b**** twice the size of mine so mine probably weren't that exciting to him.

  • Seeing different b**** is always exciting for a man. LOL

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