I got the old elbow in the ribs

Last night my wife and I and her sister and the kids were all heading out for supper, Her sister has a great ass, Nice and round and it jiggles perfectly, There is nothing I enjoy more than watching her walk away.
We were in the mud room getting ready and she was wearing a pair of those grey yoga pants or stretchy pants or whatever and when she bent over to tie her shoes I was behind her, those pants went completely see through and I don't think she had anything on under them, I didn't see a stitch of underwear all I seen was ass, Beautiful, round 27 year old ass.
Don't get me wrong, My wife is hot but she has a tiny ass and I love a round ass, I stopped and stared and got caught, My wife was right beside me and gave me an elbow in the ribs, I grunted and looked at her, She rolled her eyes and shook her head at me, After her sister went outside she said "you're a pig", I looked at her and said "Oh whatever, It was right there in front of me" and she said "yeah, Wipe your chin, you are drooling".
HAHA, she'll get over it.

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  • " all I seen was ass" Maybe you should go back to school.

  • My ex-wife never knew of my sexual ongoings with my hot older sister, however, at times..Watched me like a hawk when we were around my one sister in law. SIL was a hot-bodied, large-boobed blonde, pretty, with full, tempting lips, great smile and, a ditzy-type personality.

    She'd wear very skin-showing clothes to family functions, and my ex-wife would comment, I believe, in envy, things like look at her, she's a s***, etc..One gathering, SIL was wearing a deep-cut tank top, and got into the kid's bounce house with me. I knew..No way I don't hear about this afterwards.

    Both my ex wife, and older sister, asked me "were you hoping she'd fall out of that shirt?" and a more direct "Had your fun today..She really needs to cover up more". That was the only time, really, that they said anything about my obvious attention to blonde SIL.. I didn't mind, though, for as much as I got away with..

  • Lol, this made me laugh!

  • I got caught looking up the leg of my sister in laws shorts one day, Her p**** was fully exposed and spread, My wife noticed me staring and leaned over to see what I could see, She didn't say anything to me but made an excuse for her sister to leave the room and when she did she whispered to me "You're a f****** pig".
    She hasn't mentioned it in a couple years.

  • Sometimes they need to be reminded that men look.

  • Yeah I live a life like this because my b**** doesn't have any thing back there to a point I hate looking at her naked .. Anyway every woman in her family all have a huge ass .. her sisters are jaw dropping & she has this cousin that has an unbelievable shape .. but i never look at anyone in front of her because all it does is turn into one big dramatic issue so I wait until I gotta do things by myself like going to the store or to work or something then if I see a big ole thang then I'll bring the perv out in me & let me say that even though i don't have it at home, I still refuse to go without so I resort to having fun in my secret life ... behind closed doors fate will hook me up with a babe that has a beautiful ass or a big ass every now & then & the s** amazes me everytime!! hey i take life as it c***;)

  • Hahaha Sometimes you just can't look away!!!

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