I should shut up when I drink.

New years eve my sister in law and I were talking, I had drank more than I should have but so had she, She made some comment about needing to lose weight which is ridiculous, She is already a slim girl but she thinks she need to work on flattening her stomach, Anyway, She is pretty, slim and has big b**** almost identical build to my wife but my wife is maybe 10-15 pounds heavier.
I don't remember where my wife was or why we were sitting alone but I told her she was crazy and she pointed out all the areas she wasn't happy with then my mouth kicked into gear and my brain kicked into neutral.
I looked at her and said "No way, You look great, I would bang the h*** out of you" and laughed WTF!, She laughed and said "Well thanks...I guess" then I continued to go on about her body, I told her things I never should have, I walked in on her one time a year and a bit ago, I told her "I have seen your b****, they are spectacular", I told her she has a great ass, I told her I stare at her in her bikini when we go to the beach, I went on and on about her body.
Now she probably thinks I am a pig and the next morning it may have just been me but things seemed tense, Why didn't some one duct tape my mouth after my second beer, Thank goodness my wife came back before I said anything else or she slapped me or something.
What a dumb ass.

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  • It happens. I did it twice. Once, at a bar/pizza place, talking to the bartender woman, whom I've known probably 12 years. We're chatting, and, my eyes are wandering all over her marvelous body and huge t*** (which she's known for), and I blurted out what my mind was saying "I'd love to dive into those t***". She was turning away from me at the time, but did say "What?? in a surprised tone. I know she heard me. Just maybe wanted me to squrim.

    Other time, with my hot older sister, whom I've messed around with, was a bit tougher. We were at a summer gathering at her house, and she wore a tight, low-cut tank top that just made her t*** bulge out as if trying to escape. Was an incredibly hot, sexy look, and people noticed. Including me.

    We're finishing up food, and she leaned over to start cleaning up, really putting on a show. Maybe it was the few beers I'd had, but, my judgement and ability to stay quiet about her t*** just wasn't there. She leaned over, exposing at least half of her 38C's, and, with my then-wife next to me, I said "Look at the f****** t*** on her..Just take the shirt off". Major oops, and I had to talk my way out of it on the drive home.

  • LOL, s*** happens. As long as you don't try and take it further. Then blame it on the beer and don't worry about it!

  • No, I would never cheat, Not just because of my wife but more because of how it would destroy my kids.

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