What I saw in an Arkansas jail

I was visiting my father who was the sheriff of a town in a small Arkansas town. I liked the people there but a particular incident made me wonder if they were civilized.

It seems a man working on a pig farm had gotten another workers mentally retarded daughter pregnant. The other worker was a lifelong friend of the pig farms owner.

The guy who got the underaged mentally retarded girl pregnant was arrested by my father and his deputies. The guy was in jail awaiting trial.

I was sitting in jail talking to my dad who was working there when the owner of the pig farm and the father of the daughter walked in and pulled a gun on us. My father and his deputy were the only people working at this jail.

He forced my father to open the rapists cell door and they took him outside where they proceeded to beat the H*** out of the guy. They kicked him un-conscience in fact.

While the guy was moaning on the ground they proceeded to castrate him and they put his p**** and testicles in a brown paper bag. They said they would come back and turn themselves in but first they had to dispose of the guys genitals telling my father they wanted to dispose of them in such a way that "some fancy doctor couldn;t sew them back on again".

The castrated man was taken to the hospital and the bleeding was stopped but goodbye s** life forever.

In the meantime the pig farmer and the girls father were waiting at the jail to be taken into custody. They had put their guns away.

The castrated man was let off easy as his lawyer said he had been punished enough by the loss of his p**** and testicles. The farmer and his hired hand the father of the violated girl also got off easy on a temporary insanity defense.

I had spent about a month visiting my Dad in this town which was off the beaten path up in the mountains and previously I had had many pleasant conversations with the pig farmer. He apologized to me for scaring the s*** out of me and that I should visit him more often. For good measure I had a great dinner of bar be cued pork and baked beans, cornbread and corn on the cob all grown on the farm.

The girl was there but I avoided looking at her because I wanted to keep my b**** and d*** where they were. She eventually had the baby and the child was raised by the workers family. It was a baby girl. The last I heard the kid who is now grown was doing fine.

I never heard about the castrated guy again but he was told not to lay a claim to his daughter or they might have to cut something else off of him.

Ok I'm from Georgia myself. As far as I know nothing like this has happened in my state at least not that I have ever heard.

My father was a native son of California. My mother was from Georgia and she divorced him when I was a small toddler and returned to Georgia with me. After he retired from the police force in California he married an Arkansas woman and moved there with her where he was elected sheriff.

Neither my father nor I were prepared for what happened. That something like this would happen before my very eyes. If someone had told me a story like this I would not have been able to believe them.

Apparently, people in the Ozarks think differently than my father and I were raised to think.

This happened in 1972.


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  • Bullshit

  • This should happen to all rapists.

  • I told my daughter if anyone really hurt her I'd bury them, and I mean it.
    I can understand what the father was thinking.

  • Back then a lot of punishments were handed down by the victims or people from the town. I'm sure there are many stories like this that happened all across the country. I heard my grandfather tell of a man who had his testicles crushed with the same tool that was used to geld horses after he attempted to rape a teenage girl. This was in Pennsylvania in the late fifties.

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