Older guy now thinking about femming up and sucking c***

Things were very different when I grew up. Being homosexual was taboo. I had some gay thoughts growing up, but mostly I thought about girls. I only dated girls and had s** with girls, with one exception, and that didn't turn out well.
I have always been seen as different. I have a high IQ and that could be part of it. But a couple of times I knew girls who hinted that I might be gay or like to be, and the suggestion both humiliated me and turned me on.

Anway, I am older now. I started looking at sissy p***. I like looking at the femboys. I know a lot of guys like them, and shemales. I think about getting crossdressed and sucking off guys, and being their bottom b****. I don't know the first thing about how to get started with that, and I wonder whether I would think it was all a big mistake. I think I would need a lady to help me pull it off, but don't know anyone.

Well, now I have admitted it, anonymously.

Jan 16, 2017

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  • Same here when I dress like a girl I thin about having his clock in my man slit while I have another in my mouth I will lick my pre chum as if it was his like a good girl as I am writing this I have been licking my pre c**

  • Kill yourself, please.

  • What about this anonymous confession bothers you so much?
    Do you hate all bisexual people? Or all people who fantasize about any kind of same-s** s** acts?
    Do you hate people who cross-dress?
    Do you have any unresolved personal issues which trouble you?
    Did my post trigger feelings connected with any unresolved personal issues?

    Was it something else?

    Do you know why you told me to kill myself?

    Can you answer honestly?

  • That person has issues, clearly.

    And now I'm going to play devil's advocate. SO DO MOST OF THE PEOPLE GETTING OFF ON THIS POST.

    OP seems okay, at least he's looking at experimenting with his preferences with his brain turned on.

    The x-dressers, bisexuals, gays, and shemales *who make that their entire identity* are just as pathetic and mentally ill as the oh so evolved "KYS" dude above you.

    Now, I know for a fact there's no room for nuance, for opinions like this. So come on ladies, start up with the shrieks of "bigot" and "hater" and all that happy horseshit. You would only be cementing my point here, not to mention my opinion.

    Be free and do you, OP. Best of luck to you. Just don't be a d!ck about it... no pun intended!

  • I think I understand what you're saying. I think it's a mistake for guys with a crossdressing fantasy or fetish to think they must live as a femboy full time. In this modern culture there are those who try to convince young boys to take hormones, forcing them into something which may not even be for them. That is criminal, in my opinion. And having a fetish or a fantasy doesn't change one's gender.
    The fact is, if I ever actually tried something like this, I might find it very dysphoric. Real life is seldom as piquant as a fantasy. And it would be a mistake to decide to give up everything in life one has known up to the present and try to adopt a new identity as a gurl, based on a fantasy, as some activists encourage people to do.
    If I ever decided to explore this thing in real life, I think I would go to a mistress who does cross dressing scenes and see how that struck me. I might have a laugh, or it might be fun. I don't know.
    I know there are a different group of people who have felt strongly all their lives that they should have been a girl, and they try to dress as a girl even as kids. That is different. It's not a sexual fetish, it's a medical thing and full time for them is proper.
    But I wouldn't try to live as a gurl if I enjoyed the cross dressing session. It would just be a different twist on the alternative, BDSM, role play deal. I wouldn't let myself be used as a tool in someone else's social engineering campaign.

  • I’m wondering if you’ve made any progress with your crossdressing and sucking off a guy? You mentioned thinking about enlisting a pro dom or finding a lady. I think there is a third option. Making friends with a crossdresser and learning from them. Like you, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to suck a c***. My difference from you is that I’ve been crossdressing in secret since my teens. I’ve watched a lot of sissy p*** too and it has led me to fantasizing about sucking c***. I have gotten as far as practicing c********** using a rubber d****. I think it would be great if I could make friends with another crossdresser (or wannabe), where we could dress up and try sucking each others c****. It would be something that we would work up to together. It’s something I hope happens for me someday, so I just thought I’d throw that out as a another possibility for you to achieve your fantasy.

  • No progress. Honestly I have too much other stuff going on to think much about it. I had begun talking to a domme from the BDSM scene I met through alt.com. But she lied about something and after I found that out, I quit talking to her. Trust is key in a dom sub thing. I have never been in such a relationship, but I cannot tolerate someone who lies and manipulates. Not happening.
    After I m********* I almost instantly lose the desire to do this and think it would be a big mistake. I don't know what that says about me. I have read similar things from other guys. I guess that is one reason dommes put their subs in chastity devices; to keep them from losing the desire to go through with stuff.
    I would have to go to a pro domme sometime to try getting dressed and take a strap on, engage in some light sensual humiliation, etc. I think that would be the way for me to try this out, taking it slowly. I sure don't want to go somewhere and get photographed or videoed crossdressed & smoking a bone.

  • No worries, was just curious. Sorry to hear about the deceitful domme. Absolutely, trust is a must. As for losing interest after masturbating, that is normal; a male hormone thing. Nothing wrong with you there. The "losing interest" can be changed but it takes time and effort. I think you'd want to change that behavior first before you involve another person (pro domme or whoever) or you will definitely feel like all of it is a mistake. Even though I started crossdressing off and on at a young age it has only been the last couple of years that I started entertaining the idea of sucking c***. (I'm now in my 50s). I'm only just now thinking of involving another person. And as for getting photographed I couldn't agree more; I don't want my real face out there while engaging in this activity. I "solved" that concern by only crossdressing while wearing a female mask... but that's for another confession. In any case, I was just curious on your progress. Thanks for responding.

  • I understand what you are saying, in my youth being a good looking guy with a fit body I was in the Royal Marines from age 18-27 plus a decent armature boxer I had lots of girls but secretly harboured a desire for fit feminine guys with big c****,sometimes on leave if I got back to London I would wander around the known haunts of Earl's Court,Chelsea and Leicester Square just on the hope of an encounter but most times ended up with a girl,always hoped to find a nice big c*** in their panties instead of a wet p****,the odd time I went off with a guy I bottled out after sucking him,just couldn't go through with the f****** part of the encounter,now I'm very keen to rectify it

  • It's all irrelevant. Just live your life, however you want, whether that's sucking wood or not :)

  • Check out fetlife.com ....honestly there's a community for almost every kink. I think this is totally ok, totally acceptable...and if you wish to experience it you should. Good luck! :)

  • I will check it out. Thanks.

  • Good for you. Unfortunately I cannot share any experience of my own related to this. But I think you need to start slow with these types of things and just by doing small steps, because this whole thing is really new to you. And I think if you just dive in without thinking then it can be scary, uncomfortable, even dangerous. You can get a bad first impression of this whole gay experience.

  • Yeah, I was thinking that too. Maybe I can find a pro dom who will doll me up and start me off with toys or something like that. I would like to find a lady who enjoys this kind of thing. I know it would be easier to do if I were a young guy. But I guess it is still possible.

  • If you can find a shop that specializes in crossdressing. The people there are always so understanding and helpful. This way you can take your time in pursuing your very sexy desires! Have fun!

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