My mother in law naked

A few years ago while my wife was pregnant she moved into her moms house in the city being we live in a rural area and it was winter time, She was about a week over due when she called and told me to come to the city as she was having contractions, I went to the city and about midnight that night me and her headed to the hospital, Labour started then stopped and the doctors told us that it could be hours or possibly days away but wanted to keep her in the hospital just incase.
At about 5:30am we decided I should go to her moms and get some sleep since there was no place for me to sleep there except in a rocking chair, I went to her moms and snuck in, It was 6:00 when I crawled into bed and about 6:15 I heard my mother in laws alarm clock, I was laying in bed and she obviously didn't expect me to be there because she opened her bedroom door and walked across the hallway to the bathroom in the buff right across the doorway of the spare room where I was laying, She was at the time 46 years old and I was surprised at what a great body she had, She is short and slim with small but decent looking b****, She made 4 trips to the bathroom getting ready, She made her first trip with nothing on, Second trip with her hair in a towel after her shower, Third trip in just her panties and fourth in just her panties.
She has a great ass, Nice and firm looking, Jiggles just right when she walks, Small b**** with small nipples, Bushy m*** but that was actually expected, She got ready for work and left never once looking into the spare room, two days later my wife came back to her moms for a night with the new baby before we headed home, My heart stopped when she told her mom I had come back to her place that morning but her mom either didn't think about wandering around nude or didn't care because she never even flinched when she said "Oh, I didn't even hear you come in".

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  • That's awesome sounds like she's sexy

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