YES, Finally.

My wife is my obsession, She is beautiful, 5"2", 125lbs, Brunette, Blue eyes, sexy feet, Amazing legs, beautiful thighs, perfect p****, The greatest ass ever, sexy back and before kids had really nice b****, Small B-cups but very nice.
She has been the topic of many conversations amongst my friends when it comes to who's wife is the hottest, All my friends have at one point or another confessed to thinking she is gorgeous, In her mid 20's she made me a photo album of some professional nudes, Tastefully done with a professional photographer, I admit I have shown it to a couple of my friends and they have all been left speechless with their jaws hanging down.
My wife is in her mid 30's now and we have three kids so she has calmed down a bit but she used to get pretty wild, I have seen her flash her b****, Her bum and one time her vag, We have skinny dipped with friends as recently as last year, She has kissed her girl friends more times than I can remember and she got around a bit before we were together.
She is always flirty when she drinks sitting on guys laps, dancing seductively, and I have even talked her into kissing a couple of my friends but just playfully.
A few months ago we had some friends over and ended up in the hot tub, Her and one of her friends were pretty drunk and when it was just four or five of us left she kissed one of her friends, A little while later her two friends left and it was just me, her and my friend, She had on a t-shirt which was black but very clingy being wet and a thong, She was quite drunk and I talked her into flashing her bum, She did quick and sat down, A few minutes later I told her to flash her b****, She said No and explained that they were functional now and not ornamental anymore, I told her they were great and my friend told her there wasn't much left to the imagination in that shirt anyway.
Eventually she flipped her shirt up and back down quick, I kept pushing and she told my friend Show me yours i'll show you mine, He didn't waste any time and whipped off his shorts under the water then stood up, She was all giggly and he said ok, your turn, She cleared her throat, sat up tall and looked at him, She said Ok, you are the only man other than my husband to see these in probably 10 years, She pulled her top up and held it there, My friend was still standing and almost instantly got hard, My wife laughed and pulled her top down saying Apparently you like them.
My friend sat down and said Holy s*** those are nice, She laughed and looked down cupping them and said They could use some work looking at me which was a dig since she has been pushing for a b*** job.
She got up and went to pee as we watched her bum jiggle while she ran inside, While she was gone we hatched a plan, I took my underwear off and when she returned she sat on the edge of the hot tub and he got up still naked and went to get a round of drinks, she laughed as he passed her and I sat up beside her and put her hand on me, She looked over her shoulder and started stroking me, He snuck back and sat on the other side of her, She turned her head, Squealed a bit and leaned away laughing, He took her hand and put it on his c***, She said Whoooooaaaaa, No, No, No, She looked at me and I motioned toward him, She looked back at him and I felt her take a deep choppy breath and start to shake a little bit, She stepped down into the tub and laughed nervously as she knelt on the seat between us and took one of us in each hand, She looked like she was freaking out a bit as I pulled her top over her head, she was topless in front of us, One c*** in each hand and each of us playing with one of her b****.
It all happened in a matter of about three minutes but it felt like an hour, I put my hand on the back of her neck and kissed her then pulled her head down toward his lap, She pulled away and said No, not here, I quickly got up and took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, She was shaking and looked panicked, I hugged her and kissed her, He stepped up behind her and put his hands on her hips, She jumped a bit then put her hands on his and I watched him slide his hands up and cup her b****, She was shaking as I laid back on the bed, I pulled her over on top of me and he stayed behind her.
Needless to say we all ended up in bed and it was the first time she has ever been with two guys and I watched her suck him and she let him f*** her, I got off first and laid back letting him take her missionary, it was so hot watching her come then watching him pull out and come on her stomach, She went and cleaned up and he left, When she came back she asked where he was and I told her he left, I asked if she was wanting me to call him to come back and she shook her head no, I crawled on top of her once more then we passed out.
We have talked about doing it again and she says she wants to as long as I want to and am ok with it, I loved her before but now I just love her even more.


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  • Well you have in now to do this more, so good to see your wife put out to friend, makes strong marriage and lots of fun too.

  • Dime a dozen b*****

  • Wow

  • Sad sad sad man you are

  • Mine will only f*** with strangers as doesn't want the embarrassment of doing it with people we know so we go away for long weekends when she has the craving for big young c***,few times have pre-arranged it on the internet but mostly its spur of the moment stuff;she loves young well built guys so we try to attend amature body building competitions where there's usually an abundance of fit young willing c**** to be had;she likes a minimum of 8" and has had one 10" c*** but now on the hunt for the ultimate 12" c*** to fulfill her desires

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