I cant stop thinking about her

My wifes cousin slept over last night after drinking too much to drive home, I woke up and she was on the couch in my wifes pyjama pants and a t-shirt she had borrowed.
She is short and cute and has humongous b****, I mean huge, She is easily an e cup, They are so big they don't even look real, I sat in the chair and stared at her as she slept and I drank my coffee, the pants were showing her camel toe and she was on her back with her huge t*** sticking up, I cant believe how firm they are, They didn't even hang to the sides, just stood there, I could see the outline of her nipples under the shirt which look pretty big too.
I must have sat and stared at her for an hour before she rolled over and I spent another hour staring at her ass, The pants were pulled right up her p**** and I could see her camel toe from behind, She started to move around a bit and I got up and left the room, I went straight to the bathroom and jerked off thinking about her and have jerked off twice more today, How can her body be so beautiful, How can her t*** be so big and still so firm, Her camel toe looks big and puffy and I can only imagine it is perfect.
I may be in love.

Jan 19, 2017

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  • Know the feeling well. My ex-wife's relatives from Germany would visit every year or so, and, the oldest girl was upper teens. Tall, lanky, German model beautiful with a smoking-hot body. I couldn't help but look. She'd get up in the morning and walk into the kitchen for coffee, stretching her arms above her head and sending her t-shirt above her midsection, to about mid-ribs, and tightening around her rather perky, firm t***. Would also walk around in American-style short shorts, showing off her incredible ass and long legs. Girl drove me crazy from the minute they arrived until they left.

    Those weeks, all I could think about was that young woman's body, how she showed it off, teased around me..So free with baring skin in tank tops, tiny shorts, and just being so damn sexy. I'd be lying if I said the post-visit s** with my wife wasn't mentally fueled by the sexy visitor. It was.

    A man with less control would have had at her.. And I wanted to, many times. Consequences be damned.

  • But would she have welcomed your advances, if you had at her? Sometimes it's one sided

  • :-)

  • I think most of the commenters miss the point that you are just amazed at this woman's physique. I don't think you're a creep, just curious. But you have to stop thinking about her because it isn't going to happen and if it does, you won't be married long after that. Think about the cost of the divorce, alimony payments, stuff like that.

  • First of all stop with the stupid comments about telling her she is hot or asking her to pose naked, She is not into me, She will not pose naked, She will not have s** with me.
    Second of all anyone who says they wouldn't look is lying, Her b**** are by far the biggest I have ever seen, No bra was a definite bonus, Camel toe is hot, I did not touch her, I didn't try to peek under her clothes, I simply stared at the outline of her amazing body.

  • Youre not in love, your pecker is overriding your rational mind.

  • That's kind of hot. I wonder if my hubby has done the same during the rare occasions when my friends have stayed over.

  • Damn!! Do you have any camel toe pics, or b---s pics to share? I share my wifes pics with you! Hippy6944@gmail..com

  • That's creepy! You were sat, "staring at your wife's cousin whilst she slept, drinking a cup of coffee!" Then went to the toilet to j*** off, because you thought she might wake up! You're really strange!

    Stop perving on your wife's cousin, you fool! What's wrong with you, aren't you interested in your wife anymore? If you aren't, discuss these concerns with her, don't use her cousin as an excuse! Anyways, she may think you're a creep!

  • You are in l*** my friend.

    Enjoy the ride

  • ...you need to tell her how you feel.....she might be feeling the same way about you.....and did it occur to you that she might having actually been POSING for you.........instead of sleeping???

  • He's married and the girl is his wife's cousin! What's wrong with people like you

  • We're normal and h****. Monogamy is not natural, why pretend?

  • You're foolish, enough said!

  • The goal of all men is to f*** as many women as they can. That includes cousins of your wife. Or sister, or mother in law, or best friend.

  • Speak for yourself only, as you aren't the spokesman for every man on earth. And, not every man is heterosexual, you fool!

  • Well you clearly speak for YOUR self qu eer!!

  • I bet it's shaved smooth as silk too,with a lovely pronounced c*** poking its head out of its hood just waiting to be aroused by thumb n forefinger then sucked and nibbled as it creams in your mouth,

  • You've thought about this, too much :-)

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