My fantasy came true last weekend.

After ten years of poking, prodding, begging, pleading, teasing and everything else I could think of it finally happened.
Last weekend my wife and I and her best friend went clubbing, They have been best friends since college and I have known her for about 18 years, Her best friend got divorced a few years ago, bounced around from guy to guy for a bit, put on a bit of weight and finally said f*** it, and decided she needs to be single for a while, I know she hasn't seen anyone in at least six months, We all got drunk and the two of them were talking about kissing and how bad all of the guys she dated were at it, my wife told me to kiss her and I laughed, Her best friend leaned in and puckered up, I looked at my wife and said "for real", She said "Its just a kiss", I leaned in and kissed her, She leaned back and said "Hmmm" looked at my wife, nodded her head and said "Yeah, see why can't other guys kiss like that, that was good".
They continued to drink and s**** around, my wifes friend at one point said "I am so frickin h****", my wife laughed and said "Well...You got his attention" pointing at me, Her friend laughed and playfully pushed me, That was my cue and I said "you want a good kisser...Kiss her" pointing to my wife, She said "What, like it would be the first time we ever kissed", I said "I have never seen you two kiss".
they faced each other and leaned in, I leaned in and stared as they kissed, They pulled away and my wifes friend waved her hand, fanning her face and said "Whoooo", My wife laughed and said "what?", her friend said "You don't even want to know", the night went on and I was able to get them to kiss twice more and got them to play around a bit, In the cab on the way home we all sat in the back with my wife in the middle, She was groping my d*** through my pants and her friend looked over saying "really, I'm so h**** I would hump a tree and you are going to do that", My wife said "awe muffin, Don't worry, ill give you some too", She reached over and squeezed her friends b***, Her friend easily has the biggest b**** I have ever seen in real life, She is a bit chubby but still hot.
We got home and my wife was all over me, Sitting on my lap, grinding on me every chance she got and when her friend went to the bathroom she stood up, Bent over the counter and stuck her bum out, I squeezed it and quickly pulled her thong to the side shoving a finger in her, She squealed and pulled away and at the same time her friend came out of the bathroom, Her friend stopped and looked at us, She said "seriously, i'm standing here trying not to explode I'm so h**** and you are getting fingered", I said to my wife "Give her another kiss", the two of them kissed with my wife sitting on my lap, She took my hands and put them on her friends hips, Her friend put my hands on her ass and I squeezed it, She put her chin on my wifes shoulder and my wife started kissing her neck, I leaned in and kissed her lips then my wife turned her head, Kissed me and went back to kissing her friends neck, I took my wifes hand and put it on her friends huge b*** and my wife started massaging it.
Soon both girls were kissing again and groping each other, I reached up the back of her friends shirt and unclipped her massive bra, My wife slid her hands up her friends shirt and played with her b****, I grabbed her friends shirt at the waist and pulled it up over her head then did the same with my wifes and took off her bra.
I almost came when my wifes friend leaned down and sucked my wifes nipple, I cupped my wifes b*** in one hand and her friends huge b*** in the other as my wifes friend sucked and nibbled her nipple, My wife stood up, breathing heavy, turned to face me, Stood me up, pulled my pants and underwear down, took her panties off and sat me back down, She straddled me facing away and sat on me with my c*** sticking out between her legs, She stroked me as her friend leaned in and kissed her, Her friend kissed her way down my wifes chest, Down her stomach, Knelt down and took my c*** in her hands, She started sucking me and my wife leaned back kissing me, I started tensing up my hips and my wife said "Don't come yet", She stood up, pushed her friend back and led us to the bedroom.
We got on the bed and rolled around undressing eachother, My wife and her friend sucked me, My wife sat on my face and stroked me as her friend sucked me, I tensed up and lifted my hips, I came in her friends mouth as she sucked every drop out, when she was done she said "Please tell me you aren't done", My wife laid beside me and whispered in my ear "I want you to f*** us both", I was hard again in seconds and spent the next hour and a half taking turns on them.
the end was amazing, best finish ever possible, My wife was getting her p**** licked for the first time ever in her life and by her best friend of all people, I was f****** her best friend from behind and my wife started bucking her hips, She grabbed her friend by the hair and pulled her face to her p**** as she started screaming, I was pounding her friend hard and she moaned "F*** yesssss" and I felt her come with a flood, I slammed hard into her and blew my load all at the same time.
We all flopped on the bed and passed out after I sucked on her friends huge t*** for a bit, In the morning I laid there till the girls got up, my wife and her friend awkwardly talked while we had coffee then her friend left.
My wife and I talked and I think it might actually happen again, When I asked she just shrugged her shoulders and said "don't ruin it by talking about it constantly"

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