I literally puked for an hour this morning and not from the booze, What the f*** happened last night, I went out for a few drinks and I woke up in bed with my best friend and her husband, How did this happen, this is not me, What am I going to tell my husband.
I remember leaving the bar, then I remember sitting on the couch with her then all of a sudden I wake up and he has his arms around me from behind, Squeezing my t*** and his d*** in me, I didn't even clue in right away until I felt something out of place, then I opened my eyes and she is sucking on my b****, Both of us naked, Her arms and legs around me and sucking my b****, What the actual f***.
I was so wasted I did it, I kept going and let him f*** me, Its like I couldn't get back to reality, I came laying on my side while she rubbed me and her husband had his d*** in my you know what, Every time I think about feeling him come inside me makes me gag, I have never been with anyone since I got married other than my husband.
I couldn't figure out what was going on and I couldn't stop, I just kept doing stuff, it wasn't until this afternoon that something she said finally clued in, "I never thought your tongue would feel so good in me", Oh my god, please, I cant even leave my bedroom, I cant look anyone in the eye.
I called her and asked what happened and she said it was my idea, She said we started making out on the couch and I, Me, I was the one who said "lets go to bed together", No, there is no way, the things she says we did to each other I would never do, I would never give another man head, I would never go down on a girl, Never, Never, Never.
This cant be real, I walked two blocks home at 4:00 in the morning and don't remember it, I walked home in shoes a skirt and a t-shirt that is not mine, Thank god my husband didn't wake up and wouldn't have any reason to open the laundry hamper let alone look in it in the morning, Thank god he is gone to work while I figure out what I am going to do, I have to return his shirt and get my bra and panties back.
I don't understand how this happened or even what happened, I cant stop crying or gagging, I have nothing left to puke up, Everytime I remember part of it I start crying again, What am I going to do.

Jan 19, 2017

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  • Wow the comments on this are sickening, none of you were there.

    Sorry this happened, evensorry for the a******.comments too

  • Forgive yourself, move on. you may have been drugged. either way, chalk it up as life experience.

  • :-)

  • Well, it's too late now, but had you gone to your doctor the next morning they could have tested your blood and urine and ruled our any kind of drugs. It's pretty popular today to slip ecstasy into a girls drink, no need to knock them out just get them a bit tipsy and then add X and instant h****. I've talked to girls who have ended up in multiple partner situations who would never have considered it without that medicinal nudge.

  • It sounds like they drugged and assaulted you, then manipulated you into feeling blame. You got some sinister friends.

  • Never would have happened, If that is the case it would not have been either of them, That I know for sure.

  • Do you definitely know that without a doubt? Anything is possible

  • How do you know for sure? Was you there

  • Don't kid yourself scumbag. You certainly aren't snowing any of us that know anything about females in general. Look, this m.o. fits scores of female tales going back more than 40 years. "Can't remember", "I only went out for a few drinks", " I remember leaving the bar" " It was so unreal", "When I woke up, I couldn't believe where I was". "No way I would ever do that, seriously". This tired storyline of a dame refusing, i.e. FAILING to be held accountable for her actions/activities is so lame, it makes our head spin. Remarkably more often than not, it was partly the complainer's concept too. So look doll, for the sake of & in the best interest of all involved here, we're just going to document that you were successfully "raped" ; or better, successfully sexually exploited but due to your lack of credibility, have no recourse. What happens there, stays there.
    Moreover, if you claim to be an adult, you WILL be held accountable for your actions. I will always remember what I heard a judge tell a ALLEGED "victim" of sexual misconduct ; "When you put yourself in situations with increased risk, you must take increased precautions to mitigate those risks".

  • You're an a******

  • So, I think you probably learned your lesson, right? Getting drunk is extremely dangerous.

  • You should feel horrible you are a cheating w****! Getting drunk doesn't excuse your actions. You betrayed your husband and I hope he finds out so he can decide whether to leave you or not. Whether he can stay married to a woman he can't trust not to f*** around on him.

  • P****

  • Be nice

  • For all the people supporting her and giving the advice not to tell her husband , things have a way of coming out. It may not happen this week or month but they do come out.
    I found out my wife of nearly ten years cheated two years after it happened and that information came from her best friend after they had a falling out. We may have been able to get passed the fact she cheated if she would have told me right after it happened but the fact she kept it a secret from me for two years and probably would never have told me made me question how many times she really cheated throughout our marriage. Even when I confronted her she denied it ever happened but finally admitted it then claimed it was just a one off after we had been arguing and she went out for drinks with a friend.
    The truth is I never felt like I could believe her or trust her after this and it eventually tore us apart and we divorced. My advise to the OP is tell him now , he may be mad but able to except it or you could wait and have him find out another way . He will always question what else you have done and whether it was truly only one time.

  • It sounds like it was a good time, but one that you rightfully regret. I wouldn't go back for your bra and panties--forget about it. Forget about returning the shirt too. Don't tell your husband. It would give him a bad vibe.

    Were you at least on birth control? It would be a shame if you got pregnant from this episode.

  • As a husband, I hope he finds out. Secrets have a way of destroying a relationship. It would be better to know and move on to a better woman who can remain as loyal to the man as he is to her. I wonder how many chances he has had to cheat on you and didn't while you couldn't resist once?

  • Sounds to me like you enjoyed yourself at the time, and now want to act like it was someone else's fault. Own up to it lady, you f***** them both because you wanted to. You're a s***, simple as that. Now tell your husband and ask him to join you in a foursome with them.

  • Just because she slept with them, doesn't mean she's a s***! It just means she's a cheater! The term "s***" is derogatory and offensive! The term "cheater" fits the offense she committed more! You don't need to attack her on a personally level, by stating she's a "s***!"

  • Not to jump on your conversation but I'm pretty sure it was meant to be derogatory when he called her a s***. If she was single and had a threesome I would agree with you that she isn't a s***. She is married and cheated with two people neither of which were her husband , sorry that's pretty slutty!

  • Lol that's your opinion and I respect it, but I don't agree with it :-)

  • Is this the woman in the store? If so it all sound very much like molly and ghb mixed half&half it's the new thing that's f***** up that your best friend was in on it

  • Aww, did I hurt your little snowflake feelings???? "That's offensive" l****. Sorry you're a s*** who gets offended easily.

  • "snowflake feelings lol what the f***!"
    I can tell you're an ignorant imbecile, bless your "stinking heart!" Now f*** off, with your so called, "snowflake c***!"

  • Wow, that's the best you had to come back with??? "Stinking heart" and "f*** off" lol

  • Lol Snowflake feelings

  • Lol I can do a lot better, thank you. But, you aren't a match for me, so what's the point :)

  • Yep, you sure are showing those skills. You still on your mommas t**? Cause you sound like it.

  • Lol "It's more like, my man's suckling my b******" but thank you, I feel complimented :)

  • Oh, so you're a dumb b****. That explains it everything. Probably a Clinton lover.

  • Lol You're the one who is cognitively deficient, if you've assumed I'm the same lower class of intellect, as you.

    It neither matters what you think and what you convey, as I'm not defined by your inaccurate and rude diatribe's, I'm defined by my own self worth and self belief. I only visit this website, as it's one of my 'guilty pleasures'

    In regards to your Clinton comment, 'it's irrelevant' - I'm not an American Citizen and I'm proud of that, because I'm loyal to the nation, of which I was born. l'm incredibly lucky.

  • Proud that you're not American? I think not. You all sit there and say that crap, but then b**** about how hard it is to become an American citizen. You b**** because you want to come here. Everyone hates us, but would give their left nut to be us. Go figure.

  • Not everyone wants to be, idiot!

  • You're delusional and naive!
    Stop presuming, 'Everyone's wants to be an American Citizen!' You don't know that!
    How can you, when you don't know every person in this world!

    I certainly don't want to be an American Citizen, because that's my personal preference and I'm proud/loyal, to the nation I was born in! Simple as that!

    So why take offense to that? I wasn't being offensive to American Citizens!

    Are you not proud of, where you were born?

  • You must be flat f****** retarded. I'm not offended and said nothing that would indicate I'm ashamed of being American. But hey you keep on telling yourself that you don't want to be American and maybe we'll keep bailing you all out when disaster strikes your pathetic little country.

  • Lol obviously, you're offended. Your context/language of your comments, imply that. If you don't realise that, you're more stupid, than I thought! Offense intended!

    And without a doubt, I still believe you're delusional if you believe, everyone deems America, 'as the the pot of gold, of every Countries rainbow!' You're exactly the sort of person, who is narrow minded and ignorant, if you believe that nonsense!
    I didn't assume and state you wasn't proud of your nation. But you obviously assumed that, because you wanted to 'assume and believe that, to continue this irrelevant and inconsequential diatribe!'

    However, it appears you're proud of your nation and I respect that. I'm also proud of my nation and have utmost respect for it as well, that's the reason why I wouldn't want to be an American citizen and any other citizen, besides my own. As I've stated before, of which you appeared to dislike.

    It's a shame you don't comprehend that, when you seem to be loyal and proud of your own citizenship. So why shouldn't I, be proud of my own? Remember, not everyone wants to be an American citizen and have their own reasons, why they don't. Similar to reasons, 'why you appear, to be proud of your own!'

    Now stop being immature and ignorant, have an open mind and show humility :)

  • All I heard was blah blah blah blah.

  • I'm not surprised lol

    Peace ✌ :)

  • Rantings of a lunatic make the world stupid and I have neither the time nor the apathy to debate this with you further. Crawl back to your pathetic little rock and leave the world a better place.

  • Lol peace and one love :)

  • Not a s***, just greedy lol

  • Don't ruin your marriage of a drunken mistake. You will get over it and should not tell anyone what happened. I have been in this situation where I got carried away and had a threesome with two guys. I regret it but have never told anyone that it happened.

  • S*** happens ,alcohol does things to people don't feel guilty .Just move on with life , and never never confess . It will only harm you just ask for forgiveness to God and make better choices don't drink again.It was the alcohol unless drink was spiked .....but regardless you exposed yourself and these people aren't truly friends if they can be in a relationship f****** other people they truly don't have morals .You do have morals but you are only human and made a mistake when not in control due to alcohol that's why you should never drink again,especially around your husband last thing you want is you confessing your guilt when drinking with your husband .Go to counseling do not tell anyone including family can't trust anyone with this vital info .

  • Its buyers remorse , You loved it while it was all going on but once over you realized you cheated on your husband like a little w**** . Now you are just looking for excuses. Get over it, I'm sure you will be right back out there f****** around on him once you are sure you got away with it this time.

  • Seems like you're a little bitter! Perhaps, you've been cheated on and are deflecting your residual emotions, onto the OP.

  • Not bitter at all , just tired of people cheating on there spouse and then looking for excuses on why it happened . It happened because they wanted it to , no other reason. It was because she was drunk or that they took advantage of her ,she made the choice to cheat with not one but two other people now is just worried she will be caught . Once the guilt subsides she will cheat again they always do.

  • I understand your point, as I personally don't agree with cheating. I've never done it and never will. However, no one knows for sure whether the OP; intended to cheat or not, if she gave consent or not, or if her drink was spiked. No one knows, probably not, even the OP lol But you get my point.

    I've been cheated on before and it was incredibly hurtful at the time, but I knew the man wasn't right for me and I had no doubts within my mind, that he intended to cheat. It was funny watching him squirm lol

    I packed his s*** and left it in our driveway. Luckily for me, we didn't have any children together and he lived in my home, so it was a clean slate for me and pretty easy. I found a decent guy, 3 weeks after that and we've been together for eight and a half years :-)

  • I'm sorry you were cheated on ,even though it sounds like it was for the best. Its nice you found a good man to be with and have been together so long. I hope the man who cheated on you sees that you are in a good relationship and it eats him up knowing he lost you.

  • Thank you, that's sweet of you to say :-)
    I think it does hurt him, as I've bumped into my ex a few times, around the area where I live and I was with my current boyfriend, when I saw him. He didn't look happy lol which made me feel great :)

  • Sometimes alcohol makes a person do things, they wouldn't ordinarily do when sober. Are you sure your drinks weren't spiked? Go to your doctors and have a sexual, drugs and pregnancy screening, the guy "came" inside you without protection, didn't he?

    Don't say anything to your husband, until you have everything clear in your mind. Make sure your body is healthy and pregnant free too. Go on the pill, if you aren't already. Preferably take, the emergency after unprotected s** pill

  • You need to rationalise it and why you allowed it to happen;was it something in your subconscious that you've always wanted to do/happen? before you were with your husband did you used to party like this and stopped after you met him,missed the sheer naughtiness of this kind of action and so allowed yourself to get in a drunken state to initialise it again; you say you came when this happened so you were indeed sexually aroused by the action so can't really blame your friends for it,she says it was your idea and if it wasn't surely you would have told them to stop? If you were truly wasted then you would have just lay there and not had the wherewithal to give head,go down on her p**** or even climax yourself so I'm just guessing but you did want it and enjoyed it,

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