Dolt of a hubby

I married my old husband for his money. He is 40 years older than me and we have s** every once in a while when he manages to take his v*****. I need more and have affairs all the time. He is well aware of it, but puts up with it. I only look out for myself. I smoke 3 packs a day, even though he has bad lung disease. Don't care, I smoke in the house all the time. Can't wait for him to kick the bucket and leave me his dough. He's left me enough moeny to keep me well for the rest of my life. Poor old dolt. What a fool.

Jan 19, 2017

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  • This site cracks me up. It censors even words like V.I.A.G.R.A.

    ...But hey, WHEN new confessions are uploaded (it happens every once in a while), what's the ratio of actual, true confessions to "hurrr i fukkd my sister/mil/dog/cousin" or something about panties or small children? Psh. WhatEVAH.

    I'd suggest that the admins eat a d!ck, but I'm half convinced those fools write many of the sicker, more boring fantasies themselves and probably eat rancid donkey d***$ for breakfast every morning! Lol

  • I'm glad h*** exists for scum like you. BURN.

  • Try a BBC your p**** will feel so good

  • Get on your knees you f****** hoe

  • This site is taking too long to review and post new confessions

  • TOTALLY true!!!!

  • :-)

  • U nice i like it like that.

  • Nice piece of fiction.
    Its probably a wish of yours deep down in your heart but im sure you wont find a husband like this.

  • Fake

  • You're obviously already cheating on him. And you're clearly already spending his money. So why do you care when he dies?

  • Hooooo

  • Sexy beast.

  • You'll get his money and lung cancer too. Well deserved.

  • ^Well said^. I agree.

  • You are sexy as all h***. That's why I'm falling in love with you. You are an incredible woman.

  • Hahaha three packs a day!? You might die before him. How funny would that be?

  • Cn I eat ur Ass plz tht turned me on

  • Wow, you are a piece of work. I hope he writes you out of his will.

  • You and me are the same, only was only 33 years older. He kicked, and now I am rich and still playing the field. So many fish....

  • Love how you manipulate all your men. You are marriage material.

  • You're an incredibly hot piece. I'm in love.

  • Remember this saying... what comes around, goes around.

  • LOL. The saying goes the other way, unless you were trying to make a pun out of "comes" and "c***". :)

  • I have no issue with a young girl marrying an old guy for the money. In any case both sides need to understand the deal. You get his money he gets your body.

    You sound like deep down you are a real weird nasty rotten thing. No amount of money will change that.

  • It sounds like your the dolt not him. What a b****.

  • Christ, aren't you the sexy one. DAMN!

  • What a sad sad person you are. I'm suprised you can exist with yourself.

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