Naked in the girls restroom

The most embarissing day of my life happens at a community Pool. It was the last day of school and almost every one in my class was there. I went there with a couple of my friends (I am a boy and so are my Frends). It was one of thoses places where you had walk through A locker room to get to the pool when we got there we were about to go into the men's locker room when an older boy came up to us and said " I bet you guys are to scared to go into the girls locker room naked. If you do I'll give you 20 dolloars if one of you guys go in " he waved a 20 dollar bill in are faces. There were 4 of us including me in our frend grope.We all decided to do rock paper siccors to decide who had to do it. To my horror I lost and I was the one who had to do it. I ran but didn't get far because my Frends grabed me and took off my cloths I pleaded with them but they shoved me in the girls locker room completely naked with out my under where. They pushed on the other side so I could not escape see you on the other side one of them said. I herd one of the girls in the room say she forget her sunscreen I panicked when I relized she was going to walk over to where I was standing compleatly naked no girl had seen me naked since I was a baby. I herd another girl say I can't believe sofie took of her wig. Another girl said " oh witch looker is sofies I have her glasses. It's locker 42 " " actually I'll just leave them one the bench shell find them" . It was then were I had the best idea ever I ran into the locker 42 I could barrely fit I herd the girl who was going to get her sunscreen she walked past the locker I was in . I felt around the locker there was a towel a two pice bikini and the wig there wasn't enough room to put on the bikini so I put the wig on and wrapped the towel arrond myself. If I was going to make through the locker room I was going to have to pretend I was a girl I stepped out of the locker when no one was looking. I didn't know what to expect when I steped out to go to a stall and put on the bikini but I was totally unprepared my jaw dropped as I saw my crush compleatly naked and about to put on her bikini I got an instatant b****. I had to bend over so none of the girls noticed. I ran to the nearist stall. My b**** srunk down and I put on the bikini I maneged to make it to the pool but then a couple of girls grabed me and tied me to a poll because they new I was a guy and not a girl they took off my cloths and grabed my b**** and penius the worst part is my crush relized I saw her naked and kicked me in the b**** after that I was raped and abused. Idont want to get into details but it got ugly if you want to know what happens comment bellow

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  • I care you to strip naked again


  • Please let me know the whole story! Thanks

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