I want my bf to hit me

Ok so I’m 15 years old (I’m turning 16 this year) and I got this bf who I been dating for almost 9 months, we really close and this is the first time I’m actually interested on someone. I usually don’t like being touch that much or I get tired of the other person in about a month so I break up with them but with him is different you know. Anyways he’s really sweet and nice to me, he’s always making sure I’m ok or trying to find a way to make me happy. We got our problems but we’re happy, it’s like we complete each other. But I don’t know why I got this thing that makes me want him to be a d*** to me and to hit me. I usually get mad at him if he’s rude to me but I don’t know why I have this feeling. I want him to hit me, slap me, pull my hair, choke me, hurt me. I talked to him about it and he said he doesn’t want to hurt me but I insisted so to make me happy he “slapped” me (not really , he was really really careful that it was more like a high five on my face) and it made me feel good. He asked me why and I told him that I was used to get hit or verbally abused (dad) so it doesn’t really hurts me and if fact it feels good. I feel bad because I really want him to do it but i don’t know why and I can tell he’s uncomfortable and don’t wanna do it. So I wanna know what’s wrong with me

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  • It’s just your fetish don’t worry about it

  • Nothing wrong with you it's natural. He's been emasculated by modern society, young men don't know how to be masculine when it's needed. You will have to find an older man who would be willing to treat you the way you need without being a total d***. If you are slim and reasonable looking I would slap you about properly. I would punch you in the face to subdue you, rip your top open to slap your t***. Then while I'm f****** you and sodomising you I would smack you about and choke you out, letting you breath only when you are about to come so the air rushing to your brain would make you o***** like you never thought possible.

  • Nothing is wrong with you,when you are older you will make a man happy

  • I Spank, cane and whip my gf. Takes two to three weeks to heal. When I finish she is all crying and shaking and I f*** her and usually she falls asleep and sleeps for about 12 hrs. PTSD.

  • ^daydreaming virgin who's never made physical contact with any woman besides his mommy^

  • I'll smack the f*** out of you lol

  • Yes u r a nasty bitchh who deserves to be manhandled in the most dreadful way possible ever

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