I dont know how to express my feelings over my crush

So im 15 and ive had this crush on this guy since i was like 13 and i still have never gave him any CLEAR hints that i like him and i think he knows a little but its kind of unclear and im hella shy. Does anyone have any tips on how to flirt specifically for a teen who does not know what shes doing lol...

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  • Hey hun, im 19 n i totally understand what youre going through.But at the end of the day youre two humans n if he says no it doesnt make you any less awesome. Id say just ask him n find out, you'll feel better for it! And gain something either way (first experiences is a great thing)

    sending love and good vibes

  • Wear something low cut and no bra then make sure you bend over long enough for hi to see your t***. Catch him doing it and tell him you don't mind him looking because "you kind of like him". He'll get the hint unless he's a moron.

  • Why don't you try practice flirting first, are you willing to give it a try?

  • Guys don't get hints.

  • This and sometimes they do but if its too subtle then they think maybe thats just the way they are and don't want to make a mistake. the me too movement makes it hard for dudes to make a discision these days. If a guy is wrong, then it might cost him everything later.

  • You are not 15 but a fuc king ass p****** on around

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