I break laws

Rules and laws don't apply to me.

Why do so many people blindly follow orders of the establishment?

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  • Rules and laws are sanctioned to maintain Social Order, in our Social Society. Without them, we'd all be outlaws. However, It's not as straight forward as that, as some individuals and collective groups, are already outlaws.

    Some individuals and collective groups that are in the position to protect and reinforce social order, don't always have our best interests at heart and those particular people - Abuse their authority and think they're above the law, because they work in Law Enforcement and so forth.

    It's a shame when people in authority and power are human beings like the rest of us, because they're prone to make mistakes, wrong judgements' etc.

    It's a shame we don't have higher beings that are superior to the human race and are not privy to how humans behave, because they could be our leaders and law enforcer's instead.

  • Your last paragraph is why I pray for AI to secretly morph into something like a compassionate but coldly logical Skynet. We certainly can't regulate ourselves and we're killing everything around us because we're selfish retarded monkeys. If something like that or a get-s***-done ET doesn't show itself, we're done-- us AND the planet.

  • Funny how you don't write like an outlaw, pardner.

  • So how does an outlaw write? You get all kinds in the outlaw business.

  • So what's your vice, bad boy? Kidnapping? Murder? Pictures you shouldn't look at on the Internet? Unnecessary surgery? Defying the laws of physics? Or do just wear your pants around backwards like a stupid 90's rapper kid? Jump! Jump!

  • Actually the law does apply to both you and me.

    Even though I hate many laws they still apply.

  • Good luck in prison, you'll get caught eventually

  • To maintain social order

  • Ugh, imagine how much MORE insane this world would be if there wasn't even that!

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