Ungrateful step daughter

I've had it with my lazy ungrateful high school drop out loser step daughter. I married her mom from the Philippines the daughter followed 3 years later. Since then she complains about not liking this and that. Stopped going to school, sits around and does nothing. She ignores me and pretends I don't exist. But she is more than happy to reap the benefits of my presence such as food, house ect. I'm done. When she is 18 she is out even if I have to legally evict her. She flat out refuses to accept my presence. Therefore I'm cutting her off at the knees. I will not provide nothing for her I mean nothing. If I don't exist neither does my benefits.

She p***** away a life many in the Philippines could only dream about. Oh well her loss. I didn't expect much, all I expected was effort. After 3 years of being ignored, left out, stranger in my own house, and being disrespected I'm done.

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  • Don't wait till she's 18. Have her declared an emancipated minor and kick her out now.

  • The submissive wife from the Philippines?

    Time to understand the deal.

    Your side is to provide a big house and flashy car for her. In return she is submissive and obedient.

    Check first that you have honored your side of the deal.

    Then talk to her. Be strong and straight.

    If that does not fix things then take the family back to the Philippines. Some time with her parents can be helpful. Consider inviting them to stay in your big house for a week's holiday so they know your keeping up your end of the deal.

  • He's fine with the wife, it's her daughter who is the problem.

  • I did similar. My house was not huge but decent. Plus I'd bought her a Mercedes convertible. She had turned into a b****.

    I invited her parents out to Australia for a holiday. I sat one evening with them and told them all was not well with the marriage. That I did not know what to do to make her happy. I did not dwell too much on her bitchyness. That kind of came out every now and then.

    Then they left and nothing changed. 6 months later I called her parents and told them she is unhappy and unloving. I insisted we go to the Philippines for a holiday with her family.

    They gave her a thrashing. Literally. Beat her with a cane.

    Fixed her attitude.

  • Aww couldn't find anyone in your own country? Sad. This teenager is what she was made to be. Blame your wife and whomever the father may be.

  • And also blame yourselves, who needed to go to another country to find what you were looking for: small, obedient wh0re-slaves that you then called "wives". Fancy houses and Mercedes don't mitigate the nature of your ego-boosting business transaction. Pathetic is pathetic, no matter what its price tag reads. :)

  • How old is she? And doesn't her mother reprimand her for her insolence and disrespectful behaviour? You're her husband and shouldn't be treated this way, by her daughter. This girl needs to learn. Military School would straighten her out.

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