My daughter is addicted to energy drinks

I'm a single mother to a 9 year old daughter. She really likes to go to school to see her friends everyday, but there is one thing she has had a problem with since preschool: She is incredible tired in the morning. It has happened several times that the teacher called me cause she slept through the first lesson. Although she gets enough sleep and I already tried several methods to get her to wake up in the morning, nothing had worked. Then I decided go give her a Red Bull one morning and it really helped her to stay awake at school. From there on it quickly became a daily thing and she did not have problems for a while. Recently though, she has increased her intake. She now drinks two cans of Red Bull in the morning and Mountain Dew when she comes home. She says that she needs that to concentrate on her homework. When I try to limit her intake, she throws a taper tantrum and argues I have no right to take that away from her because my cigarette addiction is way worse.
She now drinks about 4-6 cans of energy every day. I feel like this is unhealthy and I am a bad mother for enabling this.

Jun 4

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  • Energy drinks have a high Caffeine content . Caffeine is very addictive . Also they have a very high sugar content . Just drinking one is not really good . Drinking a lot is dangerous . She will need the drinks to satisfy her addiction to the Caffeine .

  • It’s definitely not healthy it there is worse things to be addicted to

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