I suppose that I'm a fairly normal 21 year old girl, but I have a little secret.
For the past three years I have stopped wearing any knickers or tights under my skirts and dresses.
I never really liked them, and even at school I often took them off. The feeling of being completely naked underneath really turns me on. It has always felt so naughty, knowing that at any time my little secret might be exposed.
As i grew older the thought of showing my bare p**** really excited me. The result was that my skirts got shorter and shorter. Now they barely cover my behind and its easy to see that I have nothing beneath.
I love it when I know someone has seen what is on offer. In fact I'm beginning to turn into quite an exhibitionist, especially when I sit carelessly in a public place.
It really turns me on, and I intend doing more of it
Suzanna T

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  • Hi, I'm one of the weathergirls on a well known TV station in England. I have a sexy secret to tell you that so far no one has found out about.
    As a weathergirl we are allowed to wear our own clothes, so unlike the other presenters we do not have to go to the wardrobe department and wear what they have selected for us. We just go into make-up.
    I have done this job for quite some time now. My secret is that I never wear knickers, and if I need to wear tights, they are of the crotchless type, so my pus*sy is always uncovered. Even the girls who attach our microphones are not aware of it, as they tend to fix the power pack to our bra straps at the back.
    One of the girls who sometimes reads the news asked me one day if I had knickers on as she said that she never saw a VPL on me. I lied to her, but I think that she guessed the truth. She will never tell anyone because she knows that I'm aware that she had a one night stand with a famous person that her husband knows nothing about, so I think that my secret's safe for the moment

  • I have a pair of tight black stretch pants. They have a zip front that gapes open when it's undone, showing what's beneath.
    I love to wear them with nothing underneath. I like to walk around with the zip open, pretending that I'm unaware of it, and see how long it is before someone tells me of the situation. It is very obvious that I have no knickers on. Wearing dark tinted glasses I observe people doing a double take when they are aware that they can see my pus-sy. Quite often I can go all day and nobody says anything. It's a brilliant turn on, nearly as good as s**.
    Rachel H.

  • I like doing this while wearing a button-through skirt. I will 'accidentally' let a few buttons open to see if anyone notices. Like you I don't wear anything underneath.

  • I might be one of your oldest contributors to have gone commando on a permanent basis.
    I'm fifty nine years old, and for the last forty years I hav'nt worn any knickers.
    At the age of nineteen I gave them up completely, but for three years before that I often left them off. It was so much more comfortable.
    At that time several of my friends knew that often I wore nothing under my skirt, some also gave it a try out of curiosity, but none of them went fully commando except me.
    Now forty years later I'm glad I made that decision. I will be commando till the day I die.
    Jean C

  • I'm a bit younger than you, but I have been completely commando for over thirty years. When I was about twenty my then boyfriend kept asking me to leave my panties off under my quite short mini-skirts. I was reluctant at first, but soon got to enjoy it. The thrill of someone getting a peep up my skirt was quite exciting. I'm sure quite a few people did. Soon I was going commando all the time, even at work. Eventually all my panties got thrown out. As I said, that was many years ago. I have never worn them since.

  • I'm a retained fireman in a small English town. Last Wednesday we received a call to attend a RTA (Road traffic accident) in a rural area about three miles away. When we got there the police and ambulancemen were already in attendance. A young girl of about 22 was trapped behind the wheel. She wasn't badly injured, but her foot were trapped. We would have to remove the seat and cut away some of the metalwork. While my colleagues attended to the seat I got on my knees and attempted to release her trapped foot. I noticed that she was wearing a thin top without a bra beneath and a very short black skirt. She was showing a lot of leg. Eventually I freed her foot, but to get her out I had to lift one leg causing her knees to separate. I could see that she had no knickers on and I was looking directly at her lovely shaven cu-nt. I couldn't believe my luck. She knew what I could see, but said nothing as we got her onto a stretcher, but as I was about to go she gave me a naughty wink.

  • You lucky devil

  • My wife and I were on vacation and she wore a pleated tennis skirt with no panties on to go to the breakfast buffet. We were going to play tennis after breakfast. But before we went down to the buffet I f***** her, then she jerked off, then she peed, and then I f***** her again. She never wiped her hairy p****. So we get on the buffet line there is c** dripping out of her c*** and down her legs. We sit on a plastic like bench at the table and she says she is so wet with her c*** dripping all over the seat that she is actually sliding on the c** which is now all over her ass and when we got up to leave the entire seat as she had to slide to get out was soaking wet. I saw it and thought about the next person to sit there, and how they would be sitting in my wife's c*** juices. We then played tennis with her p**** still fairly wet and mushy. It was pretty cool, but this was a long time ago, but still nice to remember it.
    My wife would wear white tight jeans with no panties and right before going shopping she would love me to f*** her after she jerked off and peed. Right after I came in her she would pull up the jeans and all of her c**, my c**, and her pee, would drip down her lags and into her crotch and she would walk around in public like that and love it.

  • My wife and I were on vacation and she wore a pleated tennis skirt with no panties on to go to the breakfast buffet. We were going to play tennis after breakfast. But before we went down to the buffet I f***** her, then she jerked off, then she peed, and then I f***** her again. She never wiped her hairy p****. So we get on the buffet line there is c** dripping out of her c*** and down her legs. We sit on a plastic like bench at the table and she says she is so wet with her c*** dripping all over the seat that she is actually sliding on the c** which is now all over her ass and when we got up to leave the entire seat as she had to slide to get out was soaking wet. I saw it and thought about the next person to sit there, and how they would be sitting in my wife's c*** juices. We then played tennis with her p**** still fairly wet and mushy. It was pretty cool, but this was a long time ago, but still nice to remember it.
    My wife would wear white tight jeans with no panties and right before going shopping she would love me to f*** her after she jerked off and peed. Right after I came in her she would pull up the jeans and all of her c**, my c**, and her pee, would drip down her lags and into her crotch and she would walk around in public like that and love it.
    My wife would wear nylon shorts with no underwear and wear them like that for like 3 days straight. Right before she went to a store I would always f*** her from behind by just pulling the shorts aside, which was easy as the c*** would be mostly hanging out of them anyway, and she never dried her p****, so all the c** would drip into the crotch or down her legs when she went out. By the 3rd day they were not covering her hairy c*** at all as they stayed stained and smelly and were stuck up in her c*** instead of covering it. She would go to the store like that and loved when she bent over and someone would see it all from behind.

  • Going to a concert my wife had on a regular dress and as always with no panties. That morning and afternoon of the concert I f***** her and as always she left it wet and dripping down her leg. So right before leaving for the concert she changes into what was called a "T-shirt dress". Basically like a T-shirt it just about covered her ass and hairy p****. Then she bent over and I f***** her. Then she took a pee standing up, Then she went in my desk and got a girlie book and jerked off and squirted on the floor to the book. After she had an o***** and right before we left she bent over and I f***** her again, and she was so wet and open I just put it in between her legs and it slipped in easily until I came in her again. Never did she wipe her p**** and then we went to a fast food place as we didn't have time for a restaurant and she was dripping everywhere. At the concert and in the 1st row she opened her legs wide and flashed the musicians. Then on the way home I had to stop on a side street and took her outside of the car, bent her over and shot one more load in her. That was the sluttiest she ever was.

  • I've just come back from a weeks holiday in France. When I did my packing I deliberately included no panties or bra's. I took the shortest skirts that I owned and wore them all the time with nothing beneath. It seemed strange getting onto the ferry knowing that my pus-sy was covered by only a few inches of material and that it could so easily be exposed to anyone who cared to look.
    The weather was superb and I saw quite a lot. Some attractions required me to climb some steep steps, so I'm sure those below had some really good views up my skirt. As nobody knew me I didn't bother much.
    The feeling of being free of underwear is amazing. Now I'm back home I don't think that I will be wearing panties much, if at all.

  • Underwearless Holiday.
    I have just come back from a weeks holiday in a south coast seaside town. For the entire week I wore no bra or knickers. I wore really short skirts, and on one occasion I wore a really daring wrap around skirt. It was very short and I'm sure that it exposed my naughty bits several times. As nobody knew me I didn't really care.
    It was so refreshing to spend the week without underwear that I'm reluctant to return to wearing them.
    In fact, I'm going to work today in a short skirt and no knickers.
    Toni from Manchester.

  • This weeks warm weather seems to have encouraged the girls to ditch their knickers. I have seen three in just the last few days.
    The first was in my local park. A young girl, probably in her twenties wearing a very short skirt was sat on one of the benches. I had a lovely clear view of her pus-sy as I passed by.
    The second was on an escalator at the shopping centre. Again another good view.
    The third one was at a car boot sale on Saturday. She was a seller, sitting on a folding chair beside her wares. As I browsed the stall I noticed that her legs were slightly open. Then someone purchased something, and as she got up she opened her legs wide giving me a perfect view of her shaved pus-sy.
    Three in a week, superb. Hoping to see many more.

  • Saw another knickerless girl today. She was sitting on the grass in the park. She wore a short denim skirt. As I walked past I could see right between her legs. No knickers and a smooth shaved pus-sy.

  • Today was my lucky day. While at the beach I saw a young girl wearing a really tiny bikini. After a while she took off the top, revealing a superb pair of ti-ts and replaced it with a crop-top. She then put on a microscopic mini skirt. Reaching beneath it she removed her bikini bottoms and put everything into her bag. She put no panties on and left the beach.
    About an hour later I saw her sitting at a pavement cafe. She seemed engrossed in a magazine that she was reading. I could see that her legs were slightly apart, and as I looked I got an amazing view of a lovely bare, shaved p****. Imagine the effect that it had on me.
    Mike T

  • This could well have been me. Its quite normal for me to visit the beach wearing my bikini under my clothes. When I leave I do the same as the girl Mike saw, putting on a crop-top and short skirt without anything beneath.
    Often I stop at a cafe before I go home. It is quite difficult to sit down without showing anything in such a short skirt, but being a bit of an exhibitionist I quite like the thought that anyone can see my pantyless pus-sy.
    Tina C

  • I am a twenty six year old nurse. I work in a large hospital in Britain, and have done this job for several years.
    At work we wear a traditional nurses uniform of a navy blue dress and black tights.
    However, I have a secret that no one knows about. I do not wear knickers. Also instead of the tights, I wear black
    hold-ups so that my pus-sy is uncovered all the time.
    I gave up wearing knickers several years ago. In fact it was shortly after my training finished. Before that, as a student nurse we were
    subjected to uniform inspection. Sometimes we were told to raise our skirts to show that we were wearing
    regulation tights and clean knickers.
    So far at the hospital that I work at I have managed to keep my secret. I feel that if it got out I would have some
    explaining to do. It could easily lose me my job.
    The extra comfort that it brings is worth the risk, and I will continue to do it as long as possible.
    Rachel, - somewhere in Britain.

  • I work as a hotel receptionist in a large central London hotel. I'm 31 years old and have done this job for about 9 years.
    All of that time I have never worn any knickers under my skirts. I wear hold-up stockings (never tights) so my pus-sy is always uncovered. My uniform skirts are about 2 to 3 inches above the knee.
    When I'm not working I wear much shorter skirts, also without knickers, and usually no bra, although I cannot do this at work because our tops are a bit to thin.
    I stopped wearing knickers while I was still at school. At first it was only weekends, but gradually during the week as well. For my last 6 months at school I stopped wearing them completely. Initially my mum wasn't happy with my decision but she eventually accepted it as I said that if she made me wear them I would only take them off as soon as I left the house.
    Nobody at work knows that I am always commando, but it wouldn't bother me if they did.
    Kate, London.

  • Flash um kate be fun lol.

  • Nice

  • Im also a nurse, but my age is 43. About 10 years ago I suffered with a persistent vaginal infection. After trying several remedies my doctor suggested that I should allow the fresh air to get at it. This meant that I could not wear tights or knickers. The former was solved by wearing black hold-ups.
    After a while the infection cleared up and I could go back to wearing knickers again. That first day I found them so uncomfortable that I took them off at mid morning. I haven't worn any since. My v***** is always open to the air. No more infections.

  • Now that's a fantasy i would love to come true Rachel.

  • I hate panties and bra,s. They are so uncomfortable. For the past four years I have stopped wearing them completely. I just don't see the point of them.
    My normal wear is usually quite short skirts an dresses, almost never jeans or pants. My legs are usually bare except at the coldest times when I put on hold-ups.
    Being pantyless means that I have to be careful at times, although I bet quite a few have seen my lack of underwear when I have been going up stairs or sitting carelessly. They will know that I'm also clean shaved and have quite prominent pus*sy lips.
    It's worth it for the extra comfort and pleasure that it gives me. After all, half the population have a pus*sy, and the other half like to look at one.

  • Very nice.

  • I’ve always liked to wear quite short skirts. I have good legs and love to show them off. The other day my boyfriend phoned to say that he had bought me a present and would bring it around after work. When he came he handed me a plastic bag which contained a new skirt. When I held it up I was surprised at how short it was. It was much shorter than any that I owned. He asked me to put it on, which I did. Standing in front of the mirror I saw that it barely covered my knickers, and if I bent at all it would show everything.
    He said that if I wore it he would take me out for a meal that evening. I agreed, but then came the bombshell. He wanted me to wear it with no knickers. I said that would be impossible, but he insisted and in the end I gave way. In the car it was impossible to keep my bare pu*ssy hidden, and he was loving it.
    In the restaurant I’m sure that as I sat down several people saw my knickers state, but as the evening wore on I began to find it quite exciting. So did my boyfriend. He said that his co*ck was rock hard all night. More people must have seen as we left to go home, and in the car he couldn’t keep his hand off my wet pu*ssy.
    Once back home he gave me a night to remember. So good in fact that I told him I would do it again as often as he wished.
    Laura, Bristol.

  • I live in bristol to but don't see many dressed like you Laura which is a shame.

  • I live and work in Bristol, and like Laura I never wear a bra or knickers. In fact, I no longer own any. Short skirts for me. Polly

  • Show me then polly.

  • Hello Im Anya. I live and work in England but I come here from Latvia. Im 23, and have been here nearly 2 years. I saw this page and thought to write to you.
    Im a girl who don’t like pants and tights and prefer not wearing them. I stopped before I came here. Many girls at home do not wear them but British girls do. I also do not wear bra.
    I like to wear nice short skirts. Some are very short. I have good legs and like to show them. because of shortness of skirt I have to be careful, but sometime I show a bit to much.I do not mind people see up my skirt I quite enjoy it that they no I not wear pant and have shave area.
    It make me feel very sexy, and sometime I do it on purpose for fun. I wonder what efect it has on them who see Im pant free, I wish I knew.

  • Always turns me on hearing that Anya.

  • Very nice Anya.

  • I Selma and come from east europe to England. My age is 24 and I work in factory. At home I not wear nicker. I only had 1 for special times.
    Since here I also not wear nicker at all. It is normal for me to have nothing under dress. Im sure that lots like me are same.

  • Im a fifty-five year old woman. My mother was one of the ‘Hippy’ generation who lived in a commune with many other like-minded people.
    The group all believed in free love, so I don’t know which of the males was my dad. It didn’t really matter much as all the kids were brought up together and were looked after by whoever was available. We were all self educated at the commune and didn’t mix much with other kids.
    My mother, and most of the other women dressed in the hippy style, long dresses and no underwear. In fact I don’t think that my mother owned a bra or knickers, and I never wore any.
    When I got older I left the commune to live a more normal life. I wore the styles of the time, but never with underwear. At the time I left, the miniskirt was the fashion. I wore them as short as anyone else, and many people noted my lack of knickers. This didn’t bother me one little bit because my mother told me never to be ashamed or embarrassed by my body.
    All these years later, and two children, I still never wear underwear. My two daughters grew up without knickers, and my eldest’s young daughter is still carrying on the tradition.
    Fiona Str….

  • My mum doesn't wear knickers or a bra. She came from the Hippy cult and never wore underwear.
    I was brought up underwearless, and at the age of twenty six still don't wear any.
    I tried a bra and knickers once, but took them off within an hour. They were awfully uncomfortable.
    My two daughters also don't wear knickers, but one of them does wear a bra sometimes
    Sally from Kent.

  • Im Sally's daughter. I just saw my mum's post. I've just left school, but like her i don't wear knickers. My mum said that I had to wear them at school, but as soon as i left the house i took them off. My sister did the same. We got into trouble a few times for not wearing them, but eventually the teachers gave up when they saw that my mum was not prepared to do anything about it.
    A few weeks after I had left I met one of our young female teachers while in the nearby town. She asked how I was getting on and if I had found a job. When I said yes she asked if I still didn't wear panties. When I said yes, she told me that sometimes she left hers off, and that she wasn't wearing any today, although she always wore them at school. Like me she was wearing a quite short skirt with bare legs.

  • R u fit?

  • The ones older than me i find are more sexy.

  • I have just discovered this site, and upon reading the confessions there seems to be quite a number of women who have ditched their knickers and love to go commando all the time.
    I am one of that number. I stopped wearing knickers full time about two years ago. I never really liked them and decided to see what it would be like wearing nothing under my skirt.
    I absolutely loved it. The freedom that it gave, and all that fresh air on my pus-sy was wonderful.
    At first I wore quite modest length skirts, but as I got used to it I began to wear shorter ones.
    With short skirts come the knowledge that someone will discover your secret. This actually makes it more exciting for me. It makes me feel very sexy all the time.
    I know for a fact that a few people have seen up my skirt as I have gone up steps or sat down a little carelessly, but I quite enjoy this.
    I would never go back to wearing knickers again, in fact, I have put all my knickers in a bag and placed it in the loft.
    Kate Bac......... Cornwall

  • I'm a Cornish girl living in Truro. I recently read your letter and wondered what it would be like to wear a skirt and no knicker for a day. The following Saturday I put on a short denim skirt, but left my knickers off. It felt quite strange going to the bus stop to go into town. I started to imagine that everyone knew my secret, but of course they didn't.
    I walked around the town for a while, did a bit of shopping and then went for a coffee. As I sat down my skirt rode up my thighs. I would need to be careful. The thought of a careless accident was quite exciting and made me feel sexy.
    My day without knickers was just the beginning. Now I do it quite often, and am thinking of completely going commando, at least for the summer while the weather is warm. I will let you know how I get on.

  • Yesterday I went to work for the first time with no knickers on. I wore a skirt that was about 3 inches above the knee and nothing beneath. In case I got scared I put a pair of knickers in my handbag.
    The day went well, and I soon forgot that I was commando. I didn't really think about it until I went to the toilet and subconciously attempted to pull my knickers down only to find I wasn't wearing any.
    Sitting at my desk and moving around the office with nothing bunching up was sheer bliss.
    I think it is now time to say goodbye to knickers, and be commando all the time.
    I will let you know how I get on.
    Becky, Truro.

  • This is the forth week of me going knickerless full time. I had tried it several times before, but never going to work and doing all the daily tasks. Usually it had been while on holiday.
    Four Saturdays ago I got up and saw that it was a nice morning. I decided to go shopping. As I was getting dressed I selected a skirt about two inches above the knee which I was going to wear. I picked up some knickers, but on the spur of the moment I threw them on the bed and put on my skirt with nothing beneath.
    It felt so comfortable shopping without knickers that I decided to do it again tomorrow.
    When Monday morning came I dressed normally for work, but walking to the bus stop I was very conscious of my knickers bunching up. Soon as I got to work I took them off, so much better. The work soon took my mind away from the fact that I had no knickers on. In fact I completely forgot about it until I went to the toilet some time later.
    I think this is when I made up my mind to permanently go commando.
    After four weeks I do not want to return to knicker wearing, and probably never will.

  • Good girl Becky. I'm probably about your age and work in an Estate Agent's office. For the past year I have gone totally commando. I'm quite careful, and as far as I know nobody is aware of the fact.
    As you say the feeling of wearing no knickers is wonderful. I've thrown most of mine away and don't intend to ever go back to wearing them again
    Sally R, Dorchester.

  • I couldn't believe my luck at our recent staff Christmas party a few days ago.
    A young girl who works in Accounts seemed to be having a good time and consuming plenty of wine. She was dressed in a sparkly top and short, flared skirt. As I walked past her she smiled at me and said hello. She drifted off into the crowd and I didn't see her for a while, but later I noticed her sitting on a couch opposite me. Her skirt had risen up and she was showing a lot of shapely leg. As she looked up and saw me she gave me another smile and slightly swivelled in her seat until she was directly facing me.
    Then without warning she opened her legs widely. She had no knickers on and was totally shaved. She held this position for quite a while, making sure that I had a good look.
    Getting up she came over to me and asked if I had enjoyed the view. When I nodded she asked if I would give her a lift home to her flat after the party. I agreed. When she got into my car again her skirt rose up displaying everything. It stayed like that until we reached her flat. Within seconds her skirt was on the floor and we were fuc-king like rabbits.
    I stayed all night, but we didn't sleep much. She told me I can come around any time for more of the same, lucky me!
    Mike Thomas

  • My girlfriend and I went to a staff Christmas party. She wore a sparkly top and short black skirt. As we were about to enter the venue she whispered to me, "I've got no knickers on". I immediately got a massive hard-on which I found very difficult to conceal. I had to slip my hand up her skirt just to check. I found that she had also shaved very smoothly.
    Spending the evening with a knickerless girlfriend in a roomful of people was very exciting, but not so exciting as what we got up to afterwards.
    Jeff T

  • Im a student at a well known university. Im also a girl who hates wearing panties so most of the time I don't wear them.
    One day at uni one of the girls (Polly) noticed this when a stray gust of wind blew my skirt up. She said, "you're not wearing any panties". I laughed and said that I seldom wore them. She told me that she was much the same, and wasn't wearing any today.
    She said that lots of the girls at my uni didn't wear them. I replied that i would be surprised if that were true. She said that I should come to a certain wine bar tonight and I could see for myself.
    I took her up on the offer and met up with her and about a dozen other girls there. We had our drinks and began chatting when Polly brought up the subject of going commando under skirts and dresses. She asked how many were wearing panties, and only two said that they were. One of the girls asked if I was, and I said "no".
    Most of the girls were wearing quite short skirts, and when one sat down carelessly I could see that she wasn't.
    I asked if they minded if anyone saw up their skirts. They all laughed, and said that this was part of the fun, with a couple saying that they deliberately did a quick flash occasionally.
    I had to admit I also did that and really enjoyed it.
    Fiona K.

  • I'm an English girl, although I now live and work in another part of Europe. Where I live is much warmer than England, and when I started working here I had problems with the heat.
    Gradually I got to know several of the other local girls who worked at the same place, and one day when I made a comment about the heat one of them asked me what I had on under my dress. I said it was just a bra and knickers. She smiled and said that was the reason that I was too hot. She said, take your underwear off. She told me that she had nothing under her dress, and most of the other girls were the same. As she said it she lifted the hem of her short dress showing it to be true.
    My dress was about two inches above the knee. Hers was much shorter. I went to the toilet and removed my bra and knickers. Immediately it felt much better.
    Since that day I haven't worn any underwear, even under my shortest skirts.
    Life without underwear is so much better.
    Charlotte R. Southern Europe

  • Really??

  • Yes, really, although you don't have to believe me. Charlotte

  • It's cool,had to ask sounds sexy as f***.

  • I've worked in Southern Europe for several years. It's quite normal for the local girls to go pantyless. I have seen many examples of this, and my current girlfriend seldom wears any.
    Marcus T

  • I've just seen two pantyless girls sitting on a wall in Milan.

  • I just saw a knickerless girl in my local supermarket. She was wearing a short denim skirt. Standing just in front of me, she bent down from the waist to get something from the bottom shelf giving me a terrific view as her skirt rose up. Everything was on display. It really made my day.
    Roger T

  • Go to the south of France and you can see knickerless girls all the time.
    Reg Green

  • Go to the Cannes film festival and you can see loads of starlets running around without panties hoping to be noticed by a producer.

  • I once worked in a research laboratory in England. It was necessary to keep the temperature really high.
    I had to wear a white lab coat, but myself and the other two girls never wore anything underneath it.
    When I left work I normally put on my skirt and top to go home, but never bothered with the bra or knicker.
    Joanne W (London)

  • For quite some time I was having repeated yeast infections. I would visit my doctor who would prescribe medication. This worked for a short while, but then it would return again.
    I made an appointment to see the doctor, but this time it was a young female locum. She looked at the problem and asked what underwear I used. She said that this could be the cause of the problem.
    I asked what she recommended and she said that my pus-sy should get more fresh air. She suggested that I didn't wear any panties for a while to see how I got on.
    She told me that she never wore any underwear under her skirts and dresses.
    I decided to give it a try, and it works. No more infections, and so much more comfortable.

  • I went back to my doctor a few days ago for a routine check-up. He asked if I was still having yeast infections. I told him that it had all cleared up since I saw the locum a couple of months ago. He was a bit surprised and asked what had brought about the change.
    I told him that I had been told to ditch my knickers and allow my pus-sy to get more air. He asked if I still went knickerless, and I said that I hadn't worn any for the last two months, and would continue to stop wearing them.
    He said that this was good, but he was always very reluctant to suggest this as it could be misconstrued as having sexual connotations.
    I said that I enjoyed the freedom of no underwear, and would continue to go commando, probably for the rest of my life.

  • I also had a similar problem, and like you, my doctor told me that my pus-sy should be allowed to get fresh air. She said that I should stop wearing panties and tights.
    I decided to try it and started going commando under my dresses and skirts. It worked. No more infections.
    I've been commando now for over a year and can thoroughly recommend it.
    Polly Croft. UK

  • I also had a recurring infection which refused to recover properly. After repeated visits to my Doctor he decided to make an appointment for me at the hospital. I saw a female Doctor who gave me a full examination and afterwards asked me questions regarding hygiene and my s** life. She then asked about the clothes that I wore, especially knickers and tights. After answering her questions she said that she had a suggestion to make that I might not like. She said that I ought to stop wearing tights and knickers for a while to see if it made any difference. I was a bit surprised as I had always wore them and she was suggesting that I went commando. As a girl who normally wears skirts and dressed I said that I didn't know if I could do that.
    She said that she never wore knickers, and that my pus-sy should be able to breathe. She told me to give it a try starting now. She said, "just put your skirt on and put your underwear in your bag". I agreed, but going home felt very weird, as though everyone knew I had no knickers on. However, I persevered and the infection cleared up. It's now six months since I last wore knickers and all is well. I won't ever go back to wearing them again.
    Angela UK

  • U got to give me more polly let's see how fun u are.

  • Polly give us more,you older??

  • How old are you?

  • Hi, I'm 23 years old and live in Britain.
    My boyfriend loves it that I don't ever wear panties. He particularly likes me to wear really short skirts knowing that at any time my little secret could be exposed.

  • You got any pics Polly? would love to see.

  • He's a lucky guy,love a lady dressed like that, thanks for messaging back.

  • I collected my girlfriend off a flight from Milan. I was waiting in the airport terminus when she landed. I saw her walking toward me and was immediately struck by what she was wearing. It was a tight red top and extremely short black skirt. I reckoned that it was no more than a couple of inches below her pus-sy.
    I took her case and we went to the car. As I held the door open for her and she got in her skirt rode up and I could see her bare shaven p****. She had no panties on. She saw me looking and grinned, asking if I liked what I saw.
    The moment I got in beside her I slipped my hand up her tiny skirt, and asked if she had flown all the way pantyless. She nodded, and said that for most of her visit to Italy she had not worn any.
    I couldn't wait to get her home, and as she got out of the car, again exposing everything, I unzipped my pants and gave her a good fuc-king in the hallway.
    She has promised to go pantyless much more often. I can't wait.
    Gerry Riley.

  • Over the summer months my girlfriend (aged 22) has often left her knickers off under her summer dresses.
    She says that going commando is so much more comfortable, and she loves the way that the warm breeze caresses her shaven pus-sy. She also tells me that being in a public place with no knickers on is very exciting, especially when there is a chance of someone looking up her skirt as she is going up steps or sitting carelessly.
    I love it. Knowing that at any time I have unrestricted access really keeps me hard.
    My girlfriend now says that she might ditch her knickers permanently and continue to go commando all the time. I hope she does!
    Richard W..

  • My girlfriend often does this although she doesn't let on at the time. She usually waits until we are in a crowded place and casually whispers that she has no knickers on. This instantly gives me a massive hard-on, much to her delight.
    Richard G

  • My girlfriend and I went out to a nice restaurant last night. She chose to wear a silk top and a flared miniskirt.
    We were given a corner table that was fairly secluded, and the lighting was quite low.
    We enjoyed our main meal, and just before the coffee was brought she leaned across the table and whispered to me, "I'm not wearing any knickers tonight".
    You can imagine to effect that it had on me. I was rock hard in an instant. I couldn't resist reaching under the table and slipping my hand under her short skirt. I couldn't believe how wet she was as I teased her lovely shaven lips. After a few minutes she told me to stop as she was on the verge of an o*****.
    Reluctantly I removed my hand as the waiter brought the coffee.
    We drunk up quickly and headed for the car park. My hand was up her skirt for most of the way.
    The car park was deserted, so I quickly got her up against the car, whipped her skirt up and gave her a hard shafting.
    This was only the beginning to a hard night of s**.
    She has promised to go out more often in a miniskirt with no knickers on if it results in the same treatment. You can bet that it will!
    Jerry T.

  • Like Suzanna, I have also stopped wearing any knickers. This summer in England it has been extremely hot, and wearing underwear became very uncomfortable.
    One morning I decided to just put on a short skirt and top without anything underneath. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to walk along with the slight breeze blowing on my naked p****. Why didn't I do this before?
    That morning I decided not to wear any knickers again, so for two months I have been completely commando.
    As most of my skirts are quite short, I suspect that a few folk have seem more than I intended, but I'm not bothered. I just love the freedom.
    Julia R

  • I became a no-knickers girl almost by accident. I normally wore tiny little thongs.
    One morning when I got to work I sat down at my desk, and as I did so I heard a 'ping'. My thong had snapped. Checking that nobody was looking I put my hand up my skirt and felt the waistband had broken. What was I to do? The only thing was to slip them off. I work in an office on an industrial estate about two miles out of town, so I couldn't buy any knickers even at lunch time. I would just have to go commando all day, and be very careful.
    As the day wore on I began to like the unrestricted feel of no knickers, and that evening after work I didn't put any on.
    The next day I wore my thong as usual to work, but thinking about the day before and how pleasant it had been, I went to the toilet and removed it.
    That was the last time I wore knickers. This was nearly two months ago. I don't think that I will bother to wear any again.
    Samantha J. England

  • I live in a seaside town in England and during the summer it is always packed with holidaymakers keen to take advantage of our long sandy beaches.
    This summer has its been very hot I have noticed an increasing number of girls and young women in very thin and skimpy dresses. Some are almost see-through. It is obvious that many of them have nothing underneath them.
    There has been three memorable occasions where the breeze has lifted their dresses exposing everything, and another time I saw a girl exiting a car. As her legs opened I got an excellent view of her totally shaven pus-sy.
    Im sure that in this country more and more ladies are abandoning their knickers. Long may it continue.
    Wonderful views---Marcus.

  • My wife and I went shopping last weekend. The weather was quite warm so she chose to wear a light floaty dress with a wooly top over. The dress was quite short and swirled around as she walked.
    At one stage we turned a corner in the street when a sudden gust of wind blew her dress up around her waist. I had no idea that she had no knickers on, but she was totally exposed, both front and back. A lot of people saw everything she had on offer.
    I took advantage of her knickerless state later, and she promised to do it again next weekend.

  • Julia u tease lol keep the knickers off it's a turn on for us men, would love to hear more from u.

  • I have a younger sister who is still at school. For a while I have noticed that at weekends she often has no panties on. Last week her schoolfriend came around. Both of them were sitting on the couch when I came in. I sat opposite them in a chair. They were both looking at a magazine and giggling at its content. As they moved around I could see up their short skirts. Neither were wearing any underwear.

  • I also live in England, and quite often I take my knickers off just before I leave school. Walking home in my short school skirt and no knickers is very exciting. By the time I reach home I am quite wet and need to go straight to the bathroom to clean up and replace my knickers before I see mum. Emma.

  • I now have progressed to leaving my knickers off during the weekends. Walking around the town and visiting the local shops in my short skirt and nothing underneath is pure ecstasy. I can't stop doing it! Emma

  • I think I might be turning into an exhibitionist. I can't help showing people that I have no knickers under my short skirts. Emma

  • You got to tell us more Emma.

  • Think most guys would love to see u bend over.

  • Keep on flashing.

  • When I was 13 I was in our local park and three older girls walked passed, they were possibly 15 or 16. As they went passed one of them lifted her skirt and she didn't have any knickers on. I caught a quick glimpse of her f*nny and it was the most erotic thing ever. That night when I went to bed I masturbated just thinking about it.

  • Love a girl you knows what she likes and how to turn heads keep it up girl x

  • It really turns me on when I look at a lady sitting and she knows I am looking and she opens up enough I can see her kitty weather panties or no panties I get excited reminds me back in school we had a few knock out girls in class and I really think they knew we were looking up their skirts sometimes they would show a lot of curse then I would get home from school and go to my room and have to take care of my problem oh how I love it

  • I like when my wife wear leggins without knickers and show the big ass.

  • Is your fantasy also to get raped? Because that's what will happen if you keep showing the goods off in public places.

  • Yes it is. How did you know.

  • I was an 17yr old virgin when I did this. I was on a late bus home the only onther person left on the bus was a middle-aged man and I wanted to be f*****. I removed my knickers and changed seats so he could see me, the flashed my hairy p**** a couple of times. I got off the bus and he followed me, as we got by a park he grabbed my arm and guided me to some bushes and f***** me doggy style. He never said a word and walked off leaving me with his s**** running out of my fresh p****.
    I'm now 60 and that was my most memorable f***

  • Would love to see your lovely aged p**** now x

  • It's shaven and ready

  • Would you like to relive this moment xx

  • Oh yes

  • I recently got a small dog and take her for a walk in the woods by my house. I only wear a long coat and I'm naked underneath. I'm hoping that some man will spot me and take advantage of me. My husband works away for long periods so I need a good f*** from a stranger or two

  • Mmm very nice would love to meet up with you and get my thick hard c*** deep inside you and bend u over

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