Married Woman Wants My Baby in 2018

This fine, tall,28 year old, skinny, married woman asked me for friendship on Facebook weeks ago. I have about 35 friends on FB and majority of them are relatives. I decided not to accept her friendship, but chatted with her.

I was born in her native country, and she and I speak the same language. She told me the friendship request was simply a mistake because she does not know me. Upon finding out that she is married, and has one 2 year old son,I decided to seduce her, and asked her to secretly have a baby girl with me. She doubted me at first but after long discussions,she agreed.

I have 5 kids by 3 women;two of them are grown,two are under 10 years old and one is an infant.I am not married but live with a gf(she is not the mother of any of my kids),her kids are grown.

My plan, for the last few years,has been to have secret kids with married women. I find the idea to be erotic,while at the same time convenient for me.

This summer,I am going to take a vacation in her native country and spend time with the mother of my infant child. While there, I would have liked to get the married woman pregnant for sure. But she told me the other day that she does not want to get pregnant till 2018 when her older son starts school.I will patiently wait;maybe she will have s** with me this year.

I will support the child financially( I do it for the other 3), but discreetly. I want her husband to unknowingly raise the child as his. The woman has promised to get off the pill when the time comes,and to say nothing to anybody about the nature of her conception or child.

I am so turned on and can't wait to accomplish this intimate task. So risque!

Jan 30, 2017

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  • You deserve to burn forever in agony and suffering. Thankfully this will be your reality when your wretched life ends.

  • If this is true, why does she want your baby?

    What good genetics and DNA do you have, that'd be worth conceiving your seed for? You do realise, she doesn't need to f*** you to receive your seed. S**** in a cup and a turkey baster will be sufficient.

  • If you like making women conceive your child, why don't you spill your seed in a cup for them? You don't need to make love to them, in order to impregnate them. Or become a sperm donor, simple as that.

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