Dreaming is Believing

There is someone here who was in my dreams last night.

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  • Your mom?

  • We do not dream about new faces, only faces we've seen somewhere in our past.

  • Don't speak for other people, only speak for yourself. You are not the "people" in this world, you're 1 person only and your perspective doesn't account for the majority.

  • I dream to be with someone
    I believe we will be great together
    But I feel it won't materialize ever.

  • If only dreams could come true

  • Sometimes they do. Sometimes dreams are visions of our past, present or future. Anything is possible :)

  • Believe and they do

  • To make it happen is an uphill task

  • No, it's all down hill from here.

  • :) hope I got the same wavelength

  • Of course you did. You never fail to accurately sniff out my scent.

  • Don't lose your essence.
    There's nothing more I enjoy,
    than your presence

  • I remain alone
    content with everything inside
    but miss you sitting by my side
    in this place called home
    waiting for stars to align
    to somehow define
    someone like you
    who's one of a kind.

  • I'm always there you're never alone.
    You might not be able to see my face
    As hard as you look around the place
    But close your eyes and think of me,
    And before you know it there will be me.
    Keep me in the midst of your mind....

  • You are the fireworks when I close my eyes.
    An emergency flare bursting high in the sky.
    I'll stare at the picture of you in my mind
    until your burning brightness makes me blind.

  • When eyes talk to eyes
    All of world stands still.
    Time waits and the nature listens.
    They invite the inquisitive while all of existence celebrates eternally.

  • When the world stands still
    time for us does not halt.
    Our hearts possess free will
    the second hand can't help but circle the clock.
    The incessant beating which fills
    our chests and ears
    will never stop pounding its rhythm
    throughout the years
    our eyes will continue to talk.

  • You’re a part of me; you’re in my very soul
    When you look at me, I fight to keep control
    You do something to me, no one else ever will
    And when you touch me, my body trembles with the thrill

    There’s such a strong chemistry, between us there
    We start with a glance that turns, into a stare
    No words need be spoken, when together
    or apart
    Because each one of us knows, what’s in the others heart.
    Love you only

  • I'm yours and I am here for you only.
    Yet, I wish I could read
    your mind.
    I want to know you better
    than I know me.
    Your loveliness make me lonely.
    It is your warmth
    for which I have pined.
    I'm jealous of the wind blowing
    because it gets to touch your hair.
    Why can't it be my fingers flowing
    through your lovely tresses
    and tenderly caressing
    your features so fair?

  • Let the Enigma remain,something about me should always make you curious i will always prefer that way ,if the book is read completely one might lose interest of reading it all over again:)
    I wont allow that rather would love to make reading as difficult as forgetting:)

  • You are a book I want
    to read again
    and again.

    With each turn of a page
    I sink deeper
    in the plot.

    Neverending story
    with each read you're
    next to me.

    We are two characters
    who cannot help
    but repeat.

  • Every unread chapter is adventure awaiting and every moment passing is adventure delayed I wish to read every anecdotes.The eagerness to know,to learn more ,to unearth drive me always...It's really an experience learning you,loving you..
    The feelings n eagerness being mutual bring the sweetness ,though I understand certain situations rip our heart too but still the bonding ,the belief someone is right there for you motivates to travel the distance..
    The best part is knowing that though there lies nothing to hold yet we are always there for each other eyes locked and hands joined ...When the hand gets hurt the eyes cry yet the tears are wiped off by the hands only..Hope it stays even knowing the pain is unbearable at times..xoxo

  • If only you knew how much i wish to fulfill

  • Beautiful diatribes!

  • This is not a diatribe it's a rolling seaside.

  • Love it!

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