I am Chinese & I hate being Chinese

I do not like being Chinese. In fact I hate being Chinese. When I look at other Chinese people I feel contempt, disgust and I feel humiliated. Being Chinese means to be genetically inferior, it means I'm disgusting, gross, a genetic pollution onto other races, it means I will not be accepted, trusted or seen as being normal.

I hate the Chinese culture and values. I hate how short and ugly the men are. I think all Asians under 5'8 should not be allowed to produced and that would be over 90% of them. If all East Asians were to die out I would be very happy.

I constantly feel unhappy about being Chinese. I hate the way I look. Well actually no I don't hate the way I look. I know I'm very pretty because of the way society treats me. Its what being Chinese means that I hate. I feel.........contempt towards myself because I am Chinese.

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  • Feel u dude. I know that our culture pretty much sucks, even other races say tht to my face and I'm like, thats kinda true. Hope this post makes you feel better.

  • Hello everyone and it's been 2 years since I wrote this and I'm a bit shocked I felt this way. Thank you so much for the support. I guess.......I needed to get different perspectives about this subject.

  • I'm chinese singaporean, and wholeheartedly agree with you. Hitler should have conquered the world and wiped out all slant-eyed asiatics.

  • Wow who brainwashed you?

  • That's his own view I guess.

  • Simple, you just need somebody in your life to punish you for being inferior.

  • Could you please come to visit me? I can help you to beat your ass into the ground. Then no one will figure out ur Chinese.

  • Chinese is only WHAT you are. It's a fact, and can't be changed. But it isn't WHO you are. That, you can present in ways that have nothing to do with race or nationality. Make yourself stand out for reasons beyond appearance. Be you.


  • Well said, I agree :)

  • I find this really sad to read as I am a successful Chinese American Dr. my suggestion to you is not to be so down on yourself and look for the positives. I know our culture is some what suppressive towards women but I have had so much love and confidence by appreciating my strengths and my positive attributes, I am married to a gorgeous successful Caucasian man and have twin daughters both who look Asian and a son who is white as his dad strong jaw line very American looking.

    Please don't feel inferior you are uniquely you, gorgeous and smart, funny and caring. Look at your parents you are the best parts of both of them.

    Let go of the negativity and your rightful place will be easy to find. If you need a chat


  • "daddysdolls"?? are you serious??

  • Being short isn't so bad. Shorter people usually have longer life spans and fewer circulation problems as they get older. Being tall can mean joint pain, back problems, and much more.

  • Sorry that you have so many incurable problems. That sucks.

  • Lol

  • I am white married a beautiful Chinese woman. Wonderful family. I don't believe you really are Chinese

  • Your race and the racial identity of your wife, is irrelevant and inconsequential. Couples and individuals regardless of gender, sexuality and race - can lead happy or unhappy lives. Just because you're happily married to a Chinese person, doesn't mean everyone in your situation, is going to be/feel the same.

    Everyone is different, have differing and similar perspectives in regards to everything and anything in life. Your situation,doesn't account for everyone else's. Remember that and learn from this comment.

    Good luck

  • You are a fuc-king idiot cun-t! He would know more than you considering he has a woman of that ethnic culture that he adores and respects. Just go suc-k a fat white coc-k you trailer trash who-re

  • You've misunderstood the comment.

    You apparently don't have the cognitive skills, to comprehend the content's meaning in that comment. If you did, you wouldn't have replied back with an misconstrued comment!

  • Maybe my reply to your bu-lush-it comment was because you are a delusional crack wh-ore whom overestimates their own intelligence

  • I think you're deflecting your inaccurateness, onto me.

    Your defensive and offensive behaviour doesn't detract from the fact, you've still misconstrued my comment.

    Because you've tried to verbally attack me on a personal level inarticulately, that implies you lack the intellectual skills, to express yourself articulately.

    You mentioned my intellect lol :) Unlike yourself, I'm aware of my intellectual capacities and it's restrictions - I've been tested by Mensa and I can proudly convey, I'm categorised as highly intelligent.

    As for you, I think you're average or perhaps below. But it's only a guess :)

    Who honestly cares.

  • Stupid retarded morons come in all races, shapes and colors. See above.

  • Bless you, as you're one of those morons, as well now.

    And the term "retarded" isn't politically correct, as it's an offensive term to use.

  • I'm so sorry. How about mongoloid? That works perfectly in this situation. Waterhead? Flapper? Tardmo? We've got lots, please advise as to what's politically incorrect so we can use it more!

  • You're a loser who couldn't get a white woman.

  • Stop ✋ with your racist remarks, child! It's not necessary, needed or wanted! I reprimand you and send you to your room, until further notice!

  • And I rebuke you in the name of JESUS!

  • I exorcise you, in the name of Christ! Christ compels you, Christ compels you!

  • Get plastic surgery or something, if it bothers you that much. But remember, you can't change your ethnic/racial heritage. Try to accept it and move on. If you can't, no one can help you. Be grateful you don't have, anything life threatening or dire to worry about!

  • Kepp makin that good food and it all ok!

  • Idiotic fool

  • Idiot

  • R*****........

  • Bless your narcissistic self :)

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