I hate chinese

I hate chinese. I'm not hating on every chinese in that country, but just many of those who are acting bitchy and cocky. Actually they are ignorant and stupid, but they just acting like they experienced a lot, they knew a lot, acting like they are higher class people. They steal others knowledge, technique, skills without feeling guilty (well, actually they kind of regard themselves as winner!), they judge and tease somebody who are trying to be friendly with them. They were so obsessed with looking at others shortness, disadvantage. They really love to use people in order to achieve their goal without restrict themselves with moral rules. because they think what they did doesn't hurt anybody; or they knew it, however, just enjoy to see people suffer from their intended words and behavior. This kind of evil mind just beyond words can describe!!
some of wealthy young chinese b******, you guys are the one who know nothing, except your" bad curiosity" to others, your money and your "guanxi". Even nowadays people no more mention about discrimination to chinese, but as long as the group of people like I mentioned still exist in China, Chinese will just be hate by others forever. If you don't change the way you think , the way you treat others, people will just hate you. some of those ignorant chinese. well, actually 90% of you guys.
You guys filled yourself with full of hate, suspicious, racist idea. you suspect before you trust others, you act cocky before you should humble, you curse somebody behind rather say "thank you " in front of people.
don't compare yourself with others. you guys are not qualified.
born with smart brain doesn't mean you are successful human, country with massive territory doesn't make you look like "bigger man", you money doesn't make you look like a respectful human; you own confusion's teaching doesn't make you look like well educated and generous human if you don't really absorb ancient teaching sincerely. It's the way you think about this world, it's the way how you HONESTLY!!! think about others in your mind, how you react to outside world. You can't lie to others about how you really think?!! People are not idiot! you don't want to respect others, but you acting like you do. How unbelievably rude is this? disgusting. I hate people with full of lie. Chinese are cheater, lier, thief ! You are just born that way. it's just awful, irritating nature of a race.
It's totally a disaster looking at your mouth and heart act differently. it's not like you guys are shy to talk, or the cultural influenced they way you talk and behave. It's totally not like that!! you guys are just born with shady mind!! you guys are just bunch of cowards, likes to gather together bashing others behind f****** hard, and acting like you are an angel in front of people.
well, if this bad habit won't change, no matter how knowledge you are, how wealthy you are, you guys will still be hate by others forever.
Looking at those stupid idiots wearing ridiculously expensive outfit and spit sh** from their mouth, just makes me disgusting. I know there are bunch of that kind of youngster in China. And I also know their parents or their grand parents were use to be uneducated peasants. what can you expect from a human who could hardly survive themselves with poor food. Imagine how these people suddenly get rich now, what they will do. It will just be what I see on the street all day.
I don't care their skin color, they way they look. their personality what they value makes me feel disgusting.

Jun 24, 2017

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