Im tired of being vietnamese everthing about vietnamese ness is 2nd class comparend to whites or even other races when i hear my own language i cringe it isnt beautifully sharp like chinese cut like korean or aesteticaly sounding like japanese. it's broken it sounds like nail on a chalkboard. And being Vietnamese is an everyday struggle with Asians and Whites I have to argue why we are East Asians and not Southeast Asian. And I feel like we have the ugliest and frankly ghettoest classical culture, our traditional instruments sound like ghetto knock off Chinese instruments and i know Korea and Japan do this too but Vietnamese adaptations are Not it. Don't get me started on Viet looks we have the flattest noses Fattest lips Shortest stature and we are hella tan and it looks hella ugly. And it is one thing to come from an ugly back round but all the Vietnamese people i've met i've noticed something they all have in common, being obnoxiously loud and rude all the time.

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  • But would you love me long time?

  • Hey. No. Don’t be like that. Rise above these stereotypes. Have healthily habits thinking. As European. I don’t abhor or anything against asian. Hardvworking and. peacemaking. Maybe you should look for more positive company. Good luck.

  • I thank God every day Vietnamese. My husband who is white, is obsessed with me. He learned the language and is 100% in to the culture. I love him to death he is such a great guy.

    I know he has a thing for Vietnamese girls, but I use it to my advantage and get what ever I want. I give him so much s** he is exhausted going to work in the morning. I send him pics and videos of me dressed up or masturbating every day to keep him interested only in me.

    Once a month, I have my cousin join us for a weekend long threesome. Both my cousin and I are Bi and we were lovers as teenagers. I let him f*** her as she eats me. He loves us both and confessed he wants her to live with us.

    As long as keep the man I love I have no problem with her joining us full time.

    God I love his white c***, he f**** me like animal.

  • I'd split you in half you yellow piece of gorgeousness!!

  • Wtf are talking about. Viet culture is old and rich. The women are often smoking hot. All languages not English sound weird to me, so it’s all the same. Don’t hate yourself so much. We’re all ugly

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