She doesn't even remember

Last night my wife went out with some friends and came home in the middle of the night totally loser wasted, Slurring her words and stumbling around, I haven't seen her like that In years to be honest.
She is and has always been the girl who gets drunk and wants s**, Last night was no different...Well a bit different, She came into the bedroom, locked the door and ripped off her clothes, She started giving me some sloppy head and rolled onto her back, I started banging her She was laying back breathing heavy and moaning as I steadily stroked in and out of her, She lifted her legs and I hooked my arms under them to hold them for her and slowed my pace, I was pulling back to the tip and sliding it in her all the way.
Apparently I pulled back too far and it slipped out, I pressed forward and felt it go in the wrong hole, She was so drunk she just grunted and tensed up a bit then moaned, I was going to stop since that has always been off limits, no exceptions but she was not protesting at all, I kept pushing, She was so wet and my p**** was all slippery and I slid in almost all the way, She just closed her eyes and reached between her legs rubbing herself, I was so excited I couldn't believe it was actually happening, I went soft and slow so she didn't stop me and she just kept breathing heavy, after not too long, probably a couple minutes she tensed up her legs and I could feel her ass jiggle as she convulsed, Watching her finger herself while I f***** her ass was too much and I came too.
She laid there breathing heavy and I am still not sure if she was even still awake at this point but I leaned in and sucked her nipples as she laid there with my p**** still in her ass, I tried getting hard again but it wasn't happening and eventually her ass muscles squeezed me out, I went and washed it off and came back to bed.
This morning I asked if she remembered coming home and she said "nope...Why?", I said "Just wondering", I was waiting for some sign that she remembers but nothing.

Feb 24, 2017

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  • My wifes the same. If i get her drunk, i cam f*** her in the ass.

  • Well, at least your not cheating. She is your wife, maybe you should share that info. with her when she is really h**** the next time. Tell her how she touched herself and it made it to where you could have a*** s**. I use to didn't like it at all and now it doesn't bother me at all. It is all about being gentle until it is worked in real good and then stimulating her or having her stimulate herself while you do it. I would try telling her; you have nothing to lose; wait till she is h**** though; maybe after you've touched her a little. Like I said you have nothing to lose and if she says no then just wait till she's wasted again.

  • Actually, I didn't think of it in time to add it to the above, but I had a similar thing happen. This is the only time I've ever done this, but I started giving my husband a b******* while he was asleep maybe around midnight. I was afraid he would get mad because I had never tried that before, but after a bit we just had s**. He doesn't remember it. I don't understand; how can a man not remember getting woke up to a b******?

  • Im sure her ass was bothering her, the next day, unless you were the second one in that night

  • I did the same thing to my wife on her birthday too much wine and weed. She passed out in our bed and then I proceeded to take advantage of her. She woke up moaning i forced my c*** in her ass while she tried to resist it a little
    Once I was in she started master bating her p**** hard. I came in her ass and cleaned up

    She does not remember having s** that night.
    I told her we had a*** s** and she enjoyed it but she thinks I am lying about it

  • Right on brother. Hope you had an awesome ride!

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