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On Friday, February 24th, 2017, the day after I was supposed to take my road test (it was moved to July as I had no time to practice as both of my parents had cancer surgeries between the time I had my 6 hours and then), I took a pre-occupational test that has a national average of 68. Despite not studying, I got an 84 on it and received my certification.
When I got home that day, I went right upstairs to tell my father. It took four times of trying to explain it to him that he finally understood what had happened. He then told me he was in too much pain and we would talk later.
Instead, he came down a half an hour later, saying that he was having our neighbor take him to the hospital as he couldn't take the pain anymore. I would like to take this time to point out that this is a man who never takes help or asks for it.
He stayed overnight and at about 9:30, we received a call from the hospital. They had just called a code blue on him. ("Well you better keep him the f*** alive," my mother said.) It was discovered that his intestines were pushing on his lungs and a ton of fluid had built up in his lungs overnight. They performed one or two surgeries on him to keep him alive.
Since the code blue, he has had a heart attack, been in a coma, and the doctors discovered that he is having kidney problems.
My family is all saying he is going to live, but I'm scared. I have a sibling with special needs who is slightly medically retarded, and he doesn't understand death or dead people or any topic related to that.
What should I do? I'm really scared.

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  • The doctors are doing everything they can do right now to help your dad. You need to help your mom. She's probably really overwhelmed, thinking the exact same thoughts as you (how is she going to take care of your sibling if he doesn't make it?) plus coping with the thought of losing someone so important to her, and trying to be strong for you so you don't worry so much. Take some extra time to do nice things for her and remind her that you're there to help and she's not alone.

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