I married a Child

I hate being married and having kids. I'm a stay at home mother because the cost of day care literally is my paycheck. My husband is basically a kid. He never picks up any messes he makes. He cleaned out our cars Saturday. It's now Tuesday. He left a giant pile of stuff he got out of the cars IN FRONT OF THE FRONT DOOR! Who the f*** does that?! It's still there. I absolutely refuse to pick it up. I told him it's not my mess, I didn't put it there. His reply? "Half of it came from your car." You gotta be f****** kidding me. I clean our whole house daily/hourly because of our kids, now I have to pick up your s***?! I don't f****** think so. You who think a military man would be more clean? Nope. Nothing ever goes back to wear it belongs. It irritates me so much and we get into sooo many fights because it's somehow -somehow- my fault. I can't f****** take it. They other day I asked him to put the flour away while I was cooking dinner. You know where he put it? In the f****** cubbard with the f****** dishes! The dishes!!!! What the f*** is the matter with him!!!!? I need him to go. I don't care if it's to a cleaning seminar or on a deployment. He needs to go the f*** somewhere. I'm not cleaning his messes anymore. Judge me all you f****** want but I'm not his f****** mother. I'm his wife. Not a damn maid. Our kids pick up better. Even the two year old! If he literally doesn't clean up his act I'm going to go to the looney bin. Medically induced vacation. Maybe then he'll clean when there's no one around.

Feb 28, 2017

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  • In my home, I am the master. My wife cooks & cleans and works part time. At times I specify what she is to wear and I decide when we have s**. She does the cleaning and the washing. If she gets out of line, a few swats to her backside soon bring her back in line. She threated to leave so I offerred to leave so she would have the house and the kids. It took 2 weeks and she asked me to come home.

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  • Wow, you need to chill out. First off, this guy is your husband, not a punching bag. And you are his wife, not a slave. You two entered a partnership and you need to realize that it's not always going to look fair. Men always complain about how some women never have to go to work, just like some women always complain about men not helping at home. You know why some married couples make it? Because they both take the time and effort to 1. Never stop loving your spouse, 2. Always respect your spouse, 3. Your spouse comes first, 4. Listen to your spouse, 5. Talk with your spouse, 6. View thinks from your spouses point of view, and 7. Never let anything or anyone come between you and your spouse.
    You need to remember why you feel in love with this man and try to get back there. Good luck.

  • Sometimes a wife or husband is a slave, depending on what sort of individuals they've married and what culture/religious backgrounds they have. No one knows how others truly live. Walk a mile in their shoes, before you assume anything.

    Things seem straightforward on paper and hypothetically in our minds. But in reality things are different. It's always easy to state; marriage should be this and that, spouses should be treated with respect and put first etc. But in real life, doesn't circumstances, children and so on, often take precedence.

    Everyone has there different views regarding what marriage should and shouldn't consist of. But just like everything else, they're individualistic views. No one is right and wrong. Everyone has different expectations and everyone has different value/morals etc.

  • What is wrong with you people? Everyone's so quick to jump on people and accuse them of assuming. I didn't assume s*** m***********. I stated a fact, and if you don't like it, you can go f*** yourself, you POS.

  • An opinion is not a fact.

    What do you profess is factual, about what you stated?

    And why are you so defensive? I was simply conveying my opinion, like you conveyed yours.

    Just because someone doesn't agree with your opinion, doesn't mean you have to become defensively rude towards them.
    If you re-read your comment, you'll notice you've made a few assumptions.

    And I f*** myself regularly, as well as my partner. I enjoy it thoroughly :)

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  • The word "r*****" isn't politically correct.
    It's an outdated/offensive term.

    Because you don't realise that; I think you're the one whose "retarded" :)

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  • Oh I'm sorry, did I hurt your little snowflake feelings? Run along now, get to your safe space.

  • I think you've hurt your own, snowflake feelings. You do have an "intellectual mental disability" after all, that's probably why you couldn't differentiate why lol :)

  • Good comeback! Not!!! What are you 3 years old?

  • If I was, I would be deemed as a "Genius" by mensa. So thank you :)

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  • Thank you once again, for all your complimentary retorts. Everyone appreciates them. :-)

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  • Dude, you need to go take your meds.

  • Seriously! Is that the best you can do! "Dude, you need to take your meds!"

    Lol Peace ✌ out amateurs ;-0

  • That's funny coming from someone who has no better comebacks than to repeat what I say. You are laughable and a disgrace. Do the rest of world a favor and smash you computer, because all you're doing is showing the rest of the world how f****** stupid you are.

  • That person was mocking you, that's why they repeated what you wrote. Didn't you understand that?

  • By your idiotic, inarticulate and non-diplomatic responses, I think you've proved to everyone on this website, "that you're the stupid one and unable to argument diplomatically" I'm versatile.

    Clearly you aren't :) ✌

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  • I'm happy you like Trans people and that you support them, they're individuals like everyone else in this world and should be treated that way.

    Thank you for your support and humility, it's rare to find such individuals with compassion, empathy and human decency.

    Thank you again.

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  • Looooool! Thank you for the complement, I love all people! Empowerment to diversity, my parents taught me well!

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  • What's funny is you're arguing with multiple commenters but are too stupid to realize it. Here's your face now you stupid f*** :(

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  • This was my first time posting to this website. Thank you all for taking the time out of you're busy days and schedules to put in your thoughts. To be honest I thought no one would even to read it, never mind feel so strongly to comment on it. Gotta go put back on my slave costume, glad I can dress up like my favorite Princess. My supreme overlord and master of the castle has good taste. Just call me Princess Liea.

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  • I guess you think he should go to work all day then come home and take care of the household chores too? You are there all day, how hard is it to pick up the house even with young children? I'm not down playing your role as a stay at home mother because I think it is an important one ,my mother was a stay at home mom and I had a great childhood because of that. I'm just saying you picked your role in the marriage .

  • It depends on what sort of children she has. Are they acting up and being difficult? Because some children are more emotionally and physically exhausting to care for, than others. Can you imagine tidying a home with children that trash it, as much as you're cleaning it.

    The rearing of children is a full-time job and if you're a good stay at home parent trying your best to ensure your children's needs are cared for, as well as the upkeep of the family home and the upkeep of your partner, then lastly catering for your own needs - it can be an emotionally, psychologically and physically demanding/draining job, as well as lonely if unsupported by your partners.

    Her partner is the provider. But he can't expect s**, dinner, plenty of TLC and his wife to clean up after him - when he arrives home from work. His wife's job is just as demanding and challenging as his, but in different ways. When he arrives home - his wife probably wants to curl up in bed and sleep the drama of the days events, away. He probably want loving, she's too exhausted to give.

    It's about team work, compromise, support and love. They both have to be considerate of each others needs, as well as their children's. The least he could do, is pick up after himself and not expect his wife to mother him as well, like he's her child.

    It's not much to ask for, is it

  • Just stop doing all your cleaning at home. Take a break. Things will work itself out. For the better or worse does not matter. You needed change. Just stop your routine.

  • You're going to end up cheating on him with a real man...It took my divorce, and, a woman I was dating who told me she "couldn't believe I wasn't taken care of" to realize how little my ex-wife ever did for me. I did everything at home, paid the bills, maintained the house, and we usually made our own dinners. Now I realize..Marriage, or any relationship, has to be equal. One person, in my case, ME, cannot do everything.

  • You don't know she's going to cheat, so why state that?

    You don't know who she is and what sort of morals she has! I get your point, but don't assume you're correct.

    However, I'm happy you met someone, that treats you with respect and shares responsibilities with you, equally.

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  • Hahaha he works a f****** JOB while you get to stay home and bond with your kid.

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  • And you think running a house hold and caring for children isn't a job? 🤣😂

  • Btw having a kid is a choice here in te first world that you made soo live with it.

  • You can't even write! So, who are you to judge? Re-read your comment and you "might" comprehend, what I'm referring to!

  • Hahaha my job pays way better than the cost of daycare you f***** fat loser. your husbands probably getting some p**** that hasnt been ripped open by a baby!

  • You've validated - everything I outlined in my comment.

    You're completely; immature, uneducated and narrow minded.

    You've assumed I'm the OP, without any evidence I am.

    When in fact; I'm a fellow commentator, who doesn't agree with your comment and the illiteracy of how you conveyed it.

    You need to return to School and improve your basic literacy skills.

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  • It seems like you need to, heed your own advice ;-)

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    I'm confident and self-assured about myself, are you because you don't appear to be?

    I think you're a immature child, still suckling on their mother's breast and step father's phallus.

    It's "Transgender" not "Tranny"
    What's your obsession with Trans individuals?

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  • Thank you for the complimentary assumptions, prejudice and inaccuracies. You've excelled yourself in how conveying how biased you're towards the LBTGQ community. You must be proud of yourself.

    Congratulations on your ignorance and cruel references to animal cruelty, you must love your life, diverse people and animals. It shows, within your words :)

  • Then you woke up and looked in the mirror....

  • You obviously did and shattered the mirror!

  • Thank you once again :-)

  • Oh my real difficult making food and cleaning up imjust sayin hes doing his part and you are complaining about doing yours. those deadlines of yours must be stressful lol.

  • Bless you and your misunderstanding/lack of knowledge. Your truly hit the nail on the head, with your ignorant comment!

    Good for you. I congratulate you on your stupidity and talent for knowing "nothing!"
    Pat yourself on the back as a reward, for your "ignorance!"

  • Must be real stressfull pushing a stroller through the mmall every secound day with your girlfriends really difficult hahaa

  • Not difficult at all, because I don't have children and female friends. I'm also not the OP, you presumptuous idiot!

  • Yeah you are a chick with a d***;)

  • And you're a child with a "Trans" obsession.

    I think you're a boy with a tiny d*** and you want to have a v*****. That's ok, talk to your family doctor about your feelings and insecurities about your tiny phallus and future s** change.

  • Insecurities hey? at least i got parts that fit with people i have attraction to.

  • You're an extremely worldly child, who is highly intellectual, supporting all creeds, races, genders, cultures and religious beliefs. Your family must be proud of your non-biased/prejudice ways, what good parent wouldn't be.

    A good parent would instill good morals, values, knowledge and life skills to their children, so they can development into well equipped, responsible and respectful adults. Obviously, some children and parents aren't as fortunate. But you appear to have good parents that instilled non-discriminatory values within you. I applaud them for it, you should be a healthy functional individual, when you grow up.

  • You didnt give a s*** about the subject of this post to come and judge grammar soo f*** you im judging you right back

  • Seems like I hit a nerve lol with my previous comment. Your parents must be proud of your prejudiced nature.

    My parents instilled within me, to embrace diversity and not to be a hater of it. Obviously, you weren't taught that by yours. How unfortunate.

    You aren't the only prejudiced person in this world and you won't be the last. No worries.

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  • The only life skills you have are cross dressing and sucking d***

  • Why are you referring to yourself? Don't be ashamed of crossdressing and sucking c***. You shouldn't do it, if you feel ashamed of it.

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  • Bless you, for trying to initiate transference from yourself, onto me. Bless you, for trying to seem manipulative and smart.

    And thank you again. I'm a lover of diversity and equality, try to turn your hate into love.

  • Tranny ^

  • Ignorance and prejudice remains alive in you. You must be proud of your ugly heart and mind towards diversity and equality.

    You never fail to disappoint :-)

  • I refuse to get into a fight online. You have your opinions, I have mine. Hope you have a wonderful day ✌🏻

  • My ex was like that, completely useless. Wouldn't help with anything. I left him, life is so much better

  • Im sure hes good with less nagging too

  • Definition of Nagging - Is someone who bombards individuals with unnecessary demands/information and moans repeatedly about anything in general, thats irrelevant /inconsequential - for no reason.

    It's not "nagging" if there's a reason for it!

  • Sure sure did you have to go get your own source of employment after you left him too?

  • You're making assumptions again and assume I'm the OP or someone else.

    I'm an independent person with no child dependents. I'm financially secure and work for myself, thank you very much.

    I also have an independent partner who doesn't rely on my finances, to support himself. So in regards to myself; I'm financially secure, happy in love and have a blessed, nurtured, loving life :) I don't answer to anyone and neither does my partner - we make a great team, because we communicate with each other and are respectful of our needs.

  • Trannnny^

  • Thank you for your kind words, they fill me pride knowing I'm a lover of mankind and not a hater like yourself.

    Thank you for always reminding me, to never become an ignorant person. I appreciate it. Keep strong in your ways, because you are reinforcing others to never become like you :)

  • Then you go to a club and hit on someone they find out you have a bulge screams f****** gross and runs away from you! if they dont notice you have an adams apple first lolol

  • Thank you again :-))

  • I agree with you.

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