Tucker carlson problem solver

Mabye retarded a******* who no f****** d*** about science should keep their mouth shut. kill yourself you c*** this world doesn't need any more big mouth small brained douche bags.

Feb 28, 2017

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  • Its maybe, learn to spell small brained d*********

  • Tucker is a fine, upstanding young man. Leave him alone. His name is being damaged by being associated with the inane exchanges here. Shameful.

  • It is shameful spreading lies for the sake of ratings........hes like a male nancy grace piece of s***!

  • Oh, you mean like the democratic party does to get voters!

  • Kill yourself

  • This op is just p***** cause he didn't get his breastfeeding this morning.

  • Youre just some tranny loser, have fun paying for that s** change.

  • You're, not youre

  • Someone has issues with diversity :)

  • Lol chicks with d****.....

  • You just confirmed your issues.

  • Bwahahah you a chick with a f****** d*** ^

  • You mean boys with both genital's, like yourself. Nothing is wrong with that.

  • Tranny

  • Yes you're and that's fine :) No regrets, ok.

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  • :-)

  • Serve me my fastfood you f****** b****

  • Ok, i got big fat c*** you can suck on.

  • F*** you stupid ass tranny

  • Why don't you suck your own daddy's b****
    Give your unborn sibling a kiss! Pucker up b****

  • Hahaha chick with a d*** ^

  • Stop what you're doing with your family, it's incest boy!!

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  • Tranny rimmer

  • No thank you, I profusely decline your offer :)

  • I dont want your aids

  • That's why I declined your offer, for my benefit and not yourself. I'm safer that way. But thank you for the offer, yet again, I have to decline it. I'm not attracted to a stupid, prejudiced, immature man child, you aren't my cup of tea :)

    Possibly try escorts or rent boys, they seem more your preference. You seem the sort, that would enjoy them.

  • Trannnnnnny^

  • Lol predictability is your name! I love it!

  • Mis matched parts is yours lololol^

  • Inaccurate again lol

  • I never offered you dumb tranny

  • You actually did, manchild

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  • :-) lool

  • Tiny is accurate

  • Hmm. blind, deaf, and dumb. Your mommy must be so proud of you.

  • You should know, as you're the one in this predicament. Is your mother proud of you?

  • Your mom must have disowned you

  • You have mother issues. Seek support, therapy and advice from your family doctor.

  • Haha she did didnt she

  • Only you can answer your own question - whether or not, your mother disowned you. I fortunately can't, as I don't know you and don't want to.

  • Trannny

  • You're, but you don't need to deny it any longer. Embrace it and move on :)

  • Trannnnny^

  • :-))

  • I think Tucker makes more money in one paycheck than you all make in one year; probably more for some of you. I'm sure he could give a crap less what a bunch of f****** retards have to say about him.

  • Yeah good chance i make more than you :)

  • You a CEO of a fortune 500 company too?

  • Are you?

  • Yes, hence the "too" in my statement.

  • I doubt that :)

  • You doubt what? That you have any brain. Well I concur with that.

  • I concur with your personal perspective, regarding you being confused about your gender. Remember, there's no shame in being transgender boy.

  • Can't argue with stupid, and you my friend are the stupidest person alive.

  • I'm not your friend and don't wish to be, so don't refer to me as one. If this is how you treat your supposed friends, I dread to think how you treat your enemies. And you're right, I can't argue with stupid people. So good day to you.

  • Your lack of intelligence is amusing. Maybe you should lookup the word "facetious" my friend.

  • Your lack of intellect is not only amusing, but astounding! Congratulations on your cognitive deficiency, you should be proud!

  • Nope you just a tranny b****

  • Stop deflecting and being in denial about your gender. There's no shame in you accepting you're "Trans" I would applaud for your bravery, in coming out.

  • Tranny tranny tranny

  • There is any need in denying your love of transgender people. Like I stated previous times before, there's no shame in loving diversity.

  • Trannnny

  • Embrace who you're and be happy :)

  • Just a trannnnnny b****^

  • Thank you 😊

  • I couldn't agree more

  • ............he's such a little p****......................................

  • And you aren't!?

  • Id knock you the f*** down in person:)

  • I'm sure you "wouldn't" be able to :)
    I have trained fighting skills and years of experience. I definitely doubt. But I appreciate the wishful thinking :)

  • Mma chick with a d***^

  • Thank you kindly :-0

  • You an mma tranny

  • Why, are you?

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  • Thank you for the compliment ;*)

  • B**** lesbian you are?

  • B****, no! Lesbian, not necessarily! But you're on the right track! Keep going with your derogatory and prejudice statements, it's hilarious!

  • Tranny loser

  • Transgender is the appropriate term and pronunciation. "Tranny" isn't and it's disrespectful to use that word.

    And what does being a "lesbian" have to do with being "Trans"

    You're trying to trash, but you aren't good at it and it's obvious! I bet you're a teenager. Concentrate on your school work, to improve your vocabulary. Maybe then, you'll have a chance of contributed more to adult conversations!

  • You still a tranny b**** lol

  • Still got issues with your gender, I see :)

  • Even if doctors give you a p**** your face will always look like a dude

  • You know why you're hilarious? because you don't know the difference between being transgender and a lesbian!!! Loooooooool!!! :-0

  • Well what the f*** is it then you a dude with a p**** a chick with a d*** or a chick who happens to be bi sexually fluid is pretty much bi lololol

  • Lollllllllooooolll! :-) ✌

  • Trannnnnnny^^^^

  • Peace ✌ out

  • Lol Trash talk and contribution :-\

  • Youre telling me you have a girlfriend who does not like d*** .....

  • Its called process of elimination

  • Lol I liked your comment :)

  • How the f*** do you know either you dont know me

  • Likewise lol you don't know me either, but that didn't stop you from initiating a comment; that you'd knock me out in person!

    You instigated this topic of commentary,
    I didn't. I'm returning the favour :)

  • Fair enough comments on this site tend to go this direction

  • It sure does

  • Sure sure

  • I'm always sure of myself :)

  • Yeah just like that s** change op right?

  • Are you considering a s** change? If you're, this website isn't good for healthy advice in regards to that. I suggest seeing your family doctor and support vlogs regarding this subject matter.

    Good luck with your s** change journey, I hope you receive all the information and support you need. This journey won't be easy I imagine, but hopefully you'll feel better for it in the end.

  • Hahaha tranny b****

  • Lol I find you funny. Keep your imbecile insults coming! :-)

  • Keep looking between your legs and wishing you had a vag

  • I don't need to lol I know what genitals I have, but you don't. You've assumed you do lollol :-)


  • And you don't?!

  • Your girlfriend can suck mine;)

  • Lol Do you have a p****? Because SHE'S not interested in d****!

  • Thats because she isnt a she.....he is another tranny like you

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  • Trannnnnnny^^^^^^^

  • Thank you :p

  • Lezbos hahaha

  • Sexually fluid, is the correct term. But I'm not one for labelling myself. I do whatever my heart feels and what my body wants; if it's a guy or woman, so what lol :)

  • I agree with your right to do that

  • As someone who watched that interview ,I thought it was great seeing Nye get called onto the carpet. He made the statement that it was settled science and then couldn't back it up with facts. I don't think anyone is saying there isn't climate change but blaming it all on human activity is ridiculous. And talking about jailing people who differ in opinion is insane!

  • Go to the nasa website dummie, oh wait they arent very legit they only have access to data from a bunch of satalites that have been running for years. oh and those people who test the ice cores in antarctica they can see how the atmosphere has changed over hundreds of thousands of years and compare it to present. but you should probably listen to some dumbass republican who doesnt know what a c*** is just because you share the same view as them because your lazy and dont want to admit you might have to do something about it. if you have kids lol you are just a bad person if you have any intelligence at all.

  • I didn't say there wasn't climate change ,in fact I said there was .Try comprehending what you read before making comments about what someone wrote. I was just pointing out Nye saying it was settled science but then couldn't give evidence as to the cause. If its settled science you should be able to point to A,B and C saying this is the cause.

  • You are a dumbass easily manipulated by sensationalists...

  • You're easily manipulated by those; that don't share similar opinions as you. Otherwise, you wouldn't have made that comment.

    You try to appear like an independent thinker and not a follower, but just like everyone else, you're an "conformist" get over yourself and enjoy life.

  • Why dont you go ask tucker if you can suck his b**** since you love him soo much

  • You've assumed "wrong" again lol! I actually don't give a rats a*** about Tucker, but you obviously do!

  • Its a suicidal tendancy of the human race to not deal with problems until they become major with this one i think were pretty f***** if the nukes dont go off first. tucker spreads mis information from a mainstream outlet which further delays us from dealing with our problems.

  • Are you American and reside in America?

  • Nope but you a tranny

  • Lol I've seen some beautiful Trans individuals in my time. Have you?

  • Yeah they look like dudes

  • I've also seen some females, that look like men and men that look like females. Humans come in different shapes, sizes and so forth. No shame in diversity.

  • Bwahahaha you must love trump then

  • Enough respect to his billionaire business model :)

  • I don't much care for Tucker Carlson, but seriously, who makes Bill Nye their spokesman for climate change? He has a degree in mechanical engineering, not climatology. I know they did it because he's the science guy on TV, but still, he has a BSME, so that doesn't make you an expert.

  • Dude go to nasa's website. at least bill nye is trying to explain, he has more patience than most.

  • I can name a thousand Web sites were people claim to be experts, doesn't mean they are.

  • I agree

  • Ok listen to that r***** rather than nasa and the great majority of scientists on earth lol it is not even that difficult of a concept you just dont bother

  • Actually it is very easy to understand. Bill Nye has no degree in climatology, and that make him unqualified to answer any questions. Period!

  • Humans dump co2 in the atmosphere in large quantities which raises the temp because it holds more radiant energy from the sun in which in turn exposes more tundra the tundra rots and releases more greenhouse gas the tundra is also darker than snow which absorbs even more heat soo you see how it feeds into the problem the sea expands displacing large population and all the plants and animals sustaining us have to deal with more change than they might be able to deal with in a short period they can see that this process has happened to venus it is a runaway greenhouse effect and once that ball is rolling it may very well be out of control

  • Yeah i guess nasa is unqualified to right ;)

  • You're clearly unqualified, in how you expressed your point of view lol

  • You know what a feedback loop is?

  • Do you? Lol

  • Yes

  • Fair enough lol good for you :)

  • F****** dumbass tranny^

  • Thank you for the lovely compliments.

  • Well if that's what you believe, it's your words. Oh, and it's "too", not "to". As in also.

  • Cool beans

  • Lol I agree

  • Yeah cause your one stupid f***

  • You're deflecting. I'm sorry you feel that way, about yourself.

    I can't help you, with how you feel about; your low self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.

    Even if I could, I wouldn't. It's a journey you have to take on your own.

  • ^tranny^

  • Thank you child, your compliments astound me :)

  • Fox news informing the masses on what they should think...

  • Tucker Carlson is a dickless r*****.

  • How do you know, have you seen his d*** personally!?

  • Nope but your mom has lol

  • Are you sure, your mother and father haven't either? Perhaps your father likes his ass pounding, you never know!

  • Lolololol

  • Thank you. do you notice that dumbass look he always has when someone is explaining something and how he talks faster and faster the more desperate he gets to just blindly argue his opinion whether there is any truth in it or not.

  • I know exactly what you're talking about. Exactly! At first, I thought it was symptoms of constipation, but then I realized he's doing what you said: engaging in CYA.

  • Re-read your OP, you're the one who is cognitively deficient!

  • Its called dissonance:) would you know what that means with regards to music? probably not f****** dumb ass

  • No one is referring to music, dumbass! So why mention it?!

    You're grasping at thin air, for no reason! Stick to what you know and move on :)

  • Im pointing out there is a bit you do not know...

  • You're pointing out your assumptions,
    of what you think I don't know. When in reality you don't "ACTUALLY" know. Because I haven't "TOLD" you :)

  • That you are a chick with a d***......

  • You're a child hermaphrodite. Don't be ashamed of it, you have the best of both worlds ;)

  • Not quite...you tranny you

  • Loollllllll!

  • Whoa stick your head up your ass further it is not in there far enough.

  • You clearly valid, the point I made - it's self evident; by the crude and inarticulate language used - in your comment :-\

  • And if its crude it shows my frustration with witnessing scum hold humanity back over and over and over again

  • The individuals you refer to as "scums" are part of humanity, not excluded from it.

    Dissonance occurs everyday. It's occurring - between you and I, right now.

    In regards to what you stated as "spell checking" It's about competent grammar and punctuation skills e.g. Being literate.
    You may have knowledge in certain subject areas, but if you use illiterate written language to convey your knowledge, it discredits what you know and what you've stated - It's about presentation of your knowledge. If it's wrapped up in a presentable package and presented in a competent/efficient manner - format, it's likely to be taken, more seriously.

    And in reference to global warming and evolution, I didn't mention those topics. So why mention them, as if I did. And these topics have nothing to do with "dissonance"

    You don't need to divulge anything about global warming and evolution, to prove you're knowledgeable in something.

    You have nothing to prove and justify to anyone - Accept yourself and move on.

    However, if you improve your English Language skills - It'll change the perception people have of you, when they read your comments content.

    Corrections; Maybe, not Mabye
    Interrupts, not interupts

  • Tranny b**** ^^^^

  • :-9

  • Look up bill nye/tucker carlson you might have a little more understanding. if not learn something other than spelling and grammar.

  • No thank you, but I appreciate the suggestion :-)

  • Then shut the f*** up about some s*** you do not have knowledge about.

  • You obviously haven't read this diatribe, because if you did - you would've realised, I didn't mention anything about Tucker Carlson!

    If I had, then you could've commented on; what knowledge I know or do not know - in regards to him. But as I didn't - what lack of knowledge on a specific topic, are you referring to - that I don't have idiot?

    Bless you and your foolishness!

  • Thanks english teacher know anything of chemical bonds? biology?

  • Bless you for trying to ascertain, whether or not I have knowledge in some subject matters. Why do you want to know?

  • You have knowledge on taking it in the ass

  • You're deflecting again lol I bet your ass is no longer tight, because your took it over and over again, on a sausage roller coaster fest. That's not my concern, manchild. Deal with your own issues

  • Broke ass tranny^

  • Thank you once again for your repetitive assumptions, you never disappoint :)

  • Since we are spell checking each other the word is dissonance. if you do not understand (carbon dating, basic genetics, water cycle, basic structure of an eco system, and basic chemistry don't bother having an opinion on global warming or evolution. tucker carlson consistantly interupts bill nye while professing that he has an open mind while at the same time saying that bill nye is full of s*** because he can not give him a percent answer of the extent that humans are f****** up the climate. guess what no one has a percent answer to that one however mabye you can understand the difference between 10000 years and say 20 i know time is a difficult concept for morons like you.

  • You're the OP

  • It's obvious

  • F*** yourself

  • I do frequently, as well as other people. Thank you very much :)

  • Yeah other trans lol

  • What's the matter, are you jealous that I don't need to pay for s**, I don't need to force anyone either. Unlike yourself, people are actually attracted to me. I can't help you, if people would rather sleep with a s** doll, than with you.

  • Ugly ass tranny^

  • Lololololol

  • Looiiooooooooooollll!

  • Yes

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