On the road again

Me and my boyfriend went bowling Monday, to which i was groping him on the train journey back home and undone his trousers, the same thing happened travelling to a show i got my mouth on him in the car without anyone realising and in taxis i fully go on him with my hand and mouth and he fingers/rubs my wet p**** too ??

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  • I think its easy to be on the road then believe in god when none of your needs are being met. peoples whose needs are met more and they have love and friends and jobs and nice homes and a purpose and some income feel and believe in a god, its easier to when your getting all you need. but when your not you think there is no god because why would god abuse you and allow rapists and pedos to abuse me, right. and then blame me for what those persons decided to do to me. makes no sense. so if god loves he should give me what I want and need.

  • Wow

  • Jeez........I hope your bf realizes how lucky he is!!!!

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