Should I Forgive Her?

I love my mother, but she is really racist and not nice sometimes. I am always so conflicted. Like, what should I even think about her? Because I have always believed that you should forgive someone for all they have done. But like.....a few days ago she made fun of me for calling an African american girl cute.........I don't know how to feel about it........

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  • Everyone has their own views and her view is wrong, but that is no reason to hold a grudge against her. the best way to approach this is to be the bigger person and accept the fact that you and her have different views. if she doesn't respect your views, that is OK. old people usually don't respect anyone anyway. let her wallow in her old fashioned ways. that's what old people do.

  • Don't lay down with apes or their descendants. Period.

  • I've failed to see where the racist part is in what you have wrote. Can you elaborate any? And if someone's going to make a stupid comment on this, then please, by all means tell me about your assumptions!

  • No need to elaborate. F*** off and question someone else!

  • Why? Are you not able to comprehend intelligent conversation?

  • Oh I see, you're one of those who likes to hang a person without knowing the facts first, but b****** when someone accuses you of the same. Yeah, that's called hypocrisy, or in your case, an a******!

  • Maybe you should try to look at it from your mother's point of view. There are so many blacks now days who think whites owe them something. Not only that, maybe she's sick of hearing about "white privilege". I know some youngsters think I'm racist too, but in reality I don't care what someone's skin color is as long as they don't think I owe them something. I will treat you with respect if you treat me with respect (black, white, red, or brown). However, If you come off with this "white privilege" bull crap or you think I owe you something and you're disrespectful, then you're a n***** (even if you're white). FYI, N****** are disrespectful people of any color, NOT black people. I have many black friends and we have discussed this. They agree with me 100%. They don't like n****** either. Oh, and one last thing before you all blow a gasket, I'm half and half. My dad's black and my mom's white, but I look white.

  • Are you American?

  • No. Why does that matter?

  • Mom doesn't know many African people, does she.

    If she did, she'd know right off that North American 'blacks' are racially mixed.

    Interracial relationships have been happening for a long time. Prejudices are no match for matters of the heart. Mom ought to know that. Make sure that you do.

  • Pray for her

  • Hahahahaha that has solved sooo much

  • Telly your mother that her racist remarks is inappropriate and unjust. Also that it makes you uncomfortable and lowers your respect for her, when she behaves in this manner. Talk to her, about how it makes you feel.

  • Yes, talk about your feelings and how it makes you sad, and how you need to run to your safe space...... you stupid f****** snowflakes are such a bunch of p*****. This world is so f***** when this generation takes over. They'll be offended by everyone and the world will be taken over by evil because these p***** don't have the b**** to even look at gun let a lone pick one up and use it. Pansy ass m************!

  • Seems like you have some unresolved issues, you need therapy with. Oh well, that's your problem and no one else's.
    Get help with your issues, because they consume you. The rage will kill you in the end, if you don't.

  • Actually, it sounds to me like they're just tired of my generation of cry baby's who complain about everything. I can't stand even being in college anymore, every time I turn around someone is crying about something that offended them. And micro aggressions just blow my mind. I'm constantly asking people if they are 3 years old. It's just crazy how people cry about EVERYTHING.

  • Tell, not Telly.

  • Youre that stupid ass tranny^

  • ^wood sucker^

  • You're, not youre :- stupid ass!

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